With a melodious voice and smooth delivery, he makes music feel so simple. He plays with keys and notes in such a way that even the deaf would know he was born to do this [music]. He caught my attention with the video to his official single titled “Omote“; a song that just takes you into that realm of comfort and reassurance that good music can still be done in Nigeria by a Nigerian. While I was still digesting the lyrics to the song and see where the story of my life fits in [‘cuz that’s how you know a good song – when you can connect with it in anyway, whatsoever], he released another mind-blowing song titled “Better Place” which to me and great music pundits, just affirms the fact that if he tries doing any other thing aside music, he would be offending the gods.


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Humble to a fault and yet he knows his onions, he’s got the kind of look that a real PH babe would kill for. I had a chat with Ese Peters and this is how it went…

10 Minutes With ESE PETERS …by Edward Fortune

Q: Your debut song, “Omote“, what’s the inspiration behind it?
A: “Omote” is a song about hope; I wrote it last year after the birth of my niece, she brought a lot of hope into my life. Hope is a recurring theme in many of my songs; it is a song about being willing to go the extra mile for someone you care about – with no agenda, just love, pure love.


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Q: Who’s Ese Peters?
A: I am a singer, songwriter, guitar player and record producer from Delta state. I found music at a young age and started pursuing a career after I graduated from the University Of Benin in 2008. I like to write meaningful songs about my experiences and the people in my life. I like good food and good people and I try to put as much good as I can into the world through my music.

Q: Your voice distincts you; you do special voice training?
A: No, I don’t; I started singing in church when I was 11-years old and over the years, discovering music for myself, I started to imitate my musical idols until I found my own voice.

Q: Define the kind of music you do.
A: I make Alternative music. Mine is a fusion of Rock, Pop, Soul, African Blues and Folk Music. I like to write honest lyrics that come from the heart and I try to deliver them in a romantic style. I see music as a medium for change in the world so I try to make my music as meaningful as possible, so it connects with people on different levels.


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Q: What makes you believe in this kind of music?
A: Music has had a huge hold on me right from my teen years, I would spend hours in my room listening to records and playing my guitar. When you love something, it is impossible not to believe in it. I believe in good music.

Q: What keeps you going?
A: My family and my faith keep me going.

Q: 10 minutes with God, what would you ask for?
A: As cliche as this sounds, I would ask for world peace, and an end to poverty and hunger.

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Ese Peters. “Omote” – Good music. Timeless music. From AbOriginal Music: “The Urban Music Village”.

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