LECHEROUS JOURNAL: S2 E2 (The Fear Of What Might Happen)

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Tiago looked up to the sky and appreciated the moon; the clouds were like white furs covering the moon slowly, they could be likened to white linens caressing the thighs of a lady all the way up to her breast – till the moon was fully covered by the clouds – Tiago smiled, memories of his days in the sky filled his head once again and he knew it was only a matter of hours before he returned back to that life. He had only one mission for the night – to bid farewell. He had no plans to stay long at “The Hideout” during the course of his mission; he knocked at the gate 3 more times before he heard the voice of Akin stepping out from the main door. He barely could hear what Akin said but he knew the voice so well he could tell it was Akin and not Abiodun.

Did I wake you?” He asked as the latch jacked back and the gate opened.

Akin said nothing as he rubbed his eyes. Tiago walked through the gate into the house giving Akin room to lock the gate; he advanced towards the main entrance only to notice that he hadn’t heard the sound of the gate being locked or the steps of Akin behind him. Swiftly, he turned back and there was no Akin in view, the gate was widely opened and the darkness outside of it had been faintly taken over by weak rays of light; he contemplated if he should go back towards the gate and find out what had happened to Akin or just walk into the house and wait on him to return. He stood still, eyes still fixed on the gate as he saw the light from the unknown blend with the existing darkness of the night; he suggested that the dark was the womb of creation and therefore female. and that God and light, was the male impregnation that gave birth to creation – hence light and dark could be seen as lovers and the dance between them, the courtship and seduction, the blending – the intimacy of love. He took some steps towards the gate, unsure of what might have happened – the fear of what might happen. As he drew nearer to the gate, it was like the light was climbing over the black skin of the dark, he saw something grow underneath them, another creation of their love-play? – A shadow. He summoned more courage and peered through the gate, and there, he stood… Speechless!

“I finally understand why they say love is abstract, for the first lovers were darkness and light.” – BigDan

Sex is a beautiful thing, but all those build-ups that leads to it in the movies, kinda unreal, right? Sometimes we wonder if those are even possible; we get to hear some of the worst pick-up lines and some of the weirdest gestures, and yet it leads straight to sex in the movie. How? It was as if Abiodun was behind the scene of a movie set; he took another look at the table beside theirs and he could still see the girl stealing glances towards their table. She was seated next to a man, in his 40‘s; he was built, dark-skinned and looked dangerous. Abiodun had no idea who the man was, who the girl was; he knew nobody in the lounge except Ade, and he could smell that something was definitely about to happen, something unpleasant. He adjusted in his seat, poured some more Cranberry juice into his Styrofoam cup and gulped down the mixture.

Ade, do you have any idea why that girl has been staring at us since?

She’s not staring at you, she’s staring at me.

Haaa, thank God; my own beating would be small compared to yours when her man-friend starts beating the Jack Daniels out of our body.

Ade smiled, “relax man, it’s not the first time. I’m used to it.

You are used to beatings? Are you alright?Abiodun asked with a confused expression on his face.

No, not that. Forget, nothing would happen; you just sit back and enjoy.

Okay o.Abiodun said as he picked up the pack of Dunhill Switch. “We’re almost out. Dem dey sell for here?

No, but I would arrange that when we’re down to the last 2 sticks.

Ade picked up the B&H custom-made lighter, lit his cigarette and puffed out the first drag; he looked towards the table beside theirs and he noticed that the girl and her man-friend weren’t seated anymore. He did a quick scan of the lounge with his eyes and then he saw them, walking out the door that connected the lounge to the rest-rooms; they returned to their table and that was when the real movie began.

The Threat” was about to be unleashed.


Vivian laid on her bed; she was naked. Her mind was full of the event that had gone down today; she couldn’t take Abiodun off her mind. The thought of his lips on hers made her crave for more; he had virtually worked his lips on most parts of her body – her lips, cleavages, tits, navel, thighs, vagina…

Oh God, I just can’t believe it. How can a good feeling be bad?” She wondered as she felt the heated surge for lust spike through her body once again; remaining firmly in her stance on the bed, her back flat to the sheet and her legs over the half-folded duvet, she moved her hands slowly over her body as she rubbed her left hand up over her firm breast before crushing them into her chest and twisting one of her nipples. She slid her hand from her breasts slowly down over her belly to her juicy, young cunt; Veev began sliding her fingers in and out of her p***y. Her juices quickly lubricated her fingers making it easier to shove them deeper into her c*nt; she rubbed her p***y, passing her fingers up and down the slit formed by her semi-parted p***y lips and then in circular motion, stimulated her clit. She wrapped the white sheets around her, as if they were a body increasing the rhythm of her penetration. She wanted to pick her phone and text Abiodun but the sensation her fingers were producing inside of her p***y held her back; she wanted to tell him she wanted him once more – she craved more and more for him, but she didn’t want to look cheap to him – if she showed too much attachment at this stage of their meet, he might use it to his advantage. Though he was not her real fear, she was her own fear. Why? She couldn’t explain, but it was better that memories of today remained in her mind while she self-satisfied herself; for this was solely for one reason – the fear of what might happen.

She brought the hands back under the sheets to stroking her clit; her fingers slipped under the white sheet where she felt the bareness of her skin. She reached for her clit and stroked it softly; a light moan escaped the parting of her lips – wanting more, she thought of Abiodun hitting her really hard from behind while sitting on her a** as she laid on her breast to the bed – the thought of that position from earlier in the day hit her again as her head fell back in ecstasy for the second time. One hand came up to circle her nipple as her other hand circled her enlarged clit; applying pressure, she slowly rubbed her clit as it slipped away from her every time. She moaned loudly and pinched her nipple; her hips rocked up against her fingers as the pleasure built up. She moaned and bit her lip again as she started rubbing faster and faster; breathing got heavier and she inserted her two fingers into her p***y again, letting them be engulfed by the sea of pleasures. She let go. She wriggled and all of a sudden, the white sheet was off her skin and hanging from one edge of the bed; her hands went back to work – two fingers went back in, the walls contracted against them – with her other hand, she flicked her clit sensually and images of Abiodun‘s long pink tongue licking and flicking it ravaged through her mind. She couldn’t take it anymore; her fingers flicked quickly against her clit as she moved even faster. Thoughts of having an orgasm circulated her mind, her shallow moans escaped one after another; quicker than before, the pressure built up rapidly. Then, she burst. A loud groan hit the room as the wave hit her; her hips bucked uncontrollably with her fingers still inside her, her legs closed shut. The hand on her clit moved robotically as she shook, jerking against the white sheets; her dripping juice slid down her butt. Shaking, she just lay there. Biting her lip for the last time, she finally removed her hands and at last, she fell asleep.

“Love is all the same, how we react to it is what makes the difference.” – BigDan


So, she’s been keeping eye contact and tryna flirt with you all day; watchu gonna do about that?Abiodun asked.

Nothing.” Ade replied.

Seriously? Dude, nothing?Abiodun tried mimicking Kevin Hart. They both laughed and continued with their merriment. Time passed. After a few gulps and puffs, Ade looked towards her table and there, at that moment, their eyes met – for the longest. She was the first to break away the contact when her man-friend tried to get her attention; he looked at Ade and then at Abiodun and then his girlfriend. He tried to get her to move to another seat with him but she refused, rather she said she would soon be leaving; it was time for Ade to work his magic. He whispered something into Abiodun‘s ear; they both smiled. The lady on the other table picked her bag to leave as her man-friend prepared to accompany her; she walked over from her table and as she approached Ade‘s table, she stumbled and caught the edge of his table.

I’m sorry.” She said.

It’s okay.Ade replied. “Be more careful next time.

Her man-friend quickly rushed to pick her up as Ade attempted to; he wore a frown and said to her, “baby, hope you are okay?

I’m fine.” She said, as she gathered herself up and walked away with her man-friend.

Ade smiled as he and Abiodun watched her leave the VIP into the regular section and straight out of the lounge.

That wasn’t unintentional.Abiodun said. “I know a move when I see one. So what was that all about?

Ade smiled, looked Abiodun in the eyes and said, “you know too much.

Abiodun boasted, “that’s because I read a lot.

Yeah right.Ade replied. He showed Abiodun the sheet of paper she had dropped and they both smiled.

Abiodun, still on his bragging right told Ade, “I read everything, even humans.

They both laughed as Ade opened the sheet of paper.


Oh God, she reminds me of Vivian already.Abiodun said.

Ade rose from his chair, “perfect timing for that Dunhill Switch, don’t you think?

Don’t get caught, I can’t afford to lose my blood and the Jack Daniels in my system.Abiodun replied him.

They both laughed as Ade proceeded for his 2-in-1 mission. Abiodun poured some more drink and gulped a large amount before drawing out the last stick from the Dunhill pack; he bent his head down to light the stick and as he raised his head to puff, the smoke scattered right over the man-friend who was already seated on his table, opposite him.

Young man, do you know I am the manager here?” the man-friend said.

He had two well-built bouncers behind him; the only words that fell from Abiodun‘s mouth were, “oh oh, I smell trouble.

“Don’t let the fear of what could happen, make nothing happen.” – Doe Zantamata

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