LECHEROUS JOURNAL: S2 E1 (The Mysterious Ladies)

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As the full moon approaches, it’s growing brightness tends to capture our attention; the full moon occurs when the moon is on the opposite side of Earth from the Sun, so that it’s face is fully illuminated by the Sun’s light.

But any day of the month, the Moon has some secrets up her sleeve – this was the case for Ade, or do we say this was what he was more likened to: The Full Moon. But unlike the Moon, it needs the Sun; and this is not a case of Father to Son – this is a situational irony.

How do you mean?” She asked.

Let me break it down for you; Ade is a reflection of Akin, both of them are like the Sun and Moon. They rub their shine against each other; that is why they glow together like the Sun at day and the Moon at night.

And you are?

Me? Oh! I don’t exist; I am just a fiction in the story of our brotherhood, the 3Aces.

So, you mean to tell me I just had sex with something or someone who doesn’t exist?

Did we just have sex? That was just foreplay.

Ah! Foreplay? You call that foreplay? You were in me for over 30 minutes and you didn’t even cum.

What sort of a non-existing creature are you?

A bad god.

Oh please… You and your big mouth.” She said.

It’s not my fault. When you’re big, you’re big.” He replied.

So, what’re you insinuating?” She retorted.

I’m just trying to let you know that a big god dwells between my thighs.

I know, right? I just don’t know how I ended up loving such a bad god.

You loved me once because I was bad; you would love me more when I’m worse.

And what does that even mean? It makes no sense.

Maybe this would.

He leaned forward and kissed her passionately; that caught her unaware, but she loved it and didn’t resist. She was still naked, and even though they had just had a long round of sex, she was still appealing to the eyes. The god that dwelled between Abiodun‘s thighs was awoken and the sinful desire for another dive in her pool of creation had once again risen; he kissed her softly, holding her head close to his lips with his left hand while his right went in search for her breast – he found it, them, and began to fondle both breasts respectively – he was eager to get into the main act but he didn’t want to rush her. Maybe he did. He pulled away from her lips, stared her in the face, and smiled before uttering the words.

We met at Bheerhugs, remember? And you paid for my drinks. It’s time for me to repay the favour.

And how are you going to achieve that in here, right now, at this moment?

By drinking from your pool of life.” He said smoothly.

How do you mean?” She asked.

Ssshhh! Just tell me when I have paid the exact fee.

Without waiting for her to say anything, he pushed her back against the bed, stretched her legs and cupped his lips around her vulva; he could still taste her mucus from the first sex, but he didn’t care – he just wanted to prove to her that he really was a god. She hadn’t seen it coming and the thrust of his tongue in her p***y made her quiver and jolt out of excitement; soon, she would be lost in a world appeasement.

But who was this mysterious lady that had fallen in love with Abiodun?

“Very few outsiders have seen this temple – the inner courtyard, fewer still.” – Citra (#FarCry)

It’s been barely 24 hours since Ade returned from i and he was already living up to his alias – The Threat – he had gone out with Abiodun to have an evening chill at Lounge 28; Ade is a Senior Server & Platforms Specialist with Google Nigeria. He’s been away to Ghana on special assignment for 18 months and he only just returned yesterday; it was a crazy journey to the airport yesterday to pick Ade. Akin, while driving to MM1 did the very unexpected thing that Abiodun ever saw him do – the traffic around LASUTH was already building up due to the roundabout under the bridge. Akin drove so close to a red car, wound down his window, stretched out his hand and tapped on the mirror of the red car; he then dropped something on the passenger seat of the car and drove off. Abiodun, who witnessed the action said nothing; he only smiled and continued chatting on his phone. Whatever comes off the action would sure spark a new adventure; it was what they were known for, adventure.

Ade and Abiodun had taken their position at a vacant table; it wasn’t Ade‘s first time there, it was for Abiodun and he could already sense that Ade was a threat at the lounge. Opposite them was a table occupied by 3 men and 2 ladies; Abiodun studied the occupants and in a few minutes, he had deciphered what was going on in the minds of his subjects. He could tell already that the slim lady had invited her busty friend to hang-out with the guys; the slim girl was coay with her boyfriend while the other 2 guys tried hitting on her busty friend but she wasn’t feeling them and gave them no attention. Abiodun could do with some adventure but the busty lady wasn’t his taste – she might possess those big breasts that he wouldn’t mind fondling but the lady had no class – presentation was a major factor for Abiodun. While he was still studying his subjects, Ade beckoned to the bartender who smiled at him as she approached their table.

Welcome sir, it’s been a while, I thought you have forgotten about us.

She was dressed in a white top that revealed her cleavage and a black pant that did a pretty bad job in hiding her hips; Abiodun took a good look at her in admiration but she was focused on Ade as it was obvious in her eyes that she had something deep for this young man. Ade placed his order and she walked away.

Did you notice how she was blushing at you?Abiodun asked Ade.

Ade smiled and replied, “she’s always like that everytime I come around, I just don’t know why.

Mad man, how would you know why? When na everything for skirt you dey always flirt with.

They both laughed and continued conversing about their escapades all the time they were apart; Abiodun couldn’t wait to hear about all the sexcapdes Ade had while in Ghana. Abiodun was eager to know who the mysterious Ghanaian lady that had nicked Ade‘s manhood as ‘Sleeping Sausage‘ was.

“People don’t know there is what is termed erotic fatigue; the way you chase after a woman is different over time.” – Ace Nobis

Akin took the phone off his ear for the umpteenth time; he starred at the Caller ID, it was Abiodun calling him again. He has been on the phone for close to an hour and he wasn’t about to end the call to pick up Abiodun‘s; he continued talking to the mysterious lady who was on the other end of the line.

You like that, don’t you, baby?

The sound of his voice was the sweet delight that made her shiver; she was lying on the couch, phone in one hand while the other hand was busy exploring lower regions, and Akin was whispering naughty things into her ear – things so naughty, in fact, that her p***y was already wet and aching for her this mysterious lover’s touch.

You’ll like it when I press my tongue against your cl*t like that; you would get to know how I do it if I was there. I would take my time and make slow circles around your p***y, getting closer and closer to the prize; I would lap up your juices with every sweep of my tongue. I would make you wait until you were begging for one little lick on that sensitive little spot – you want that, don’t you?

She brushed her fingertips across her clit and shuddered. “Yes.

But that’s not all you want, is it? You want to feel me slide my fingers into that warm, wet cunt; you want me to finger f**k you with 2 or 4 fingers, don’t you? I like to feel your p***y stretching around my fingers as you take them all in, kinda like it feels when you stretch open around my d**k.

Her nipples were so hard, they hurt.

She gasped as she touched herself again; there was a long moment of silence on the other end of the line, then he whispered, “you’re touching yourself for me, aren’t you?


Good. I want you to do that some more; I want you to tease your clit but don’t let yourself cum. I want you to slip your fingers inside and tease around in there, but don’t you dare cum. Do you understand? Get right to the edge but don’t you cum.

Getting right to the edge was sweet and delicious torture. She played with her clit, making circles with her wet fingertip, until she was throbbing all over and begging for release.

She whimpered his name unconsciously.

You know what I want right now?” He asked her. “I want to say f**k all that licking and teasing and finger f**king, and I want to spread your legs wide and get in between them, then slide my c*ck right up into your p***y; you’re so wet I would slide right in, aren’t you?

This time she couldn’t answer; she was too close to cumming, to think.

You would cum on that first stroke, wouldn’t you? Then I would keep pounding your p***y, pumping in and out of that sweet little hole, until you’re ready to cum again. And guess what I would do then?

All she could say was, “please.

Don’t you want to know?

I do, I want to. I want to know. Please.

Suddenly, there was a loud thump on the gate; the sexting between Akin and the mysterious lady was about to be brought to an end, but by who?

“Originality ended when God created the world.” – BigDan

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