Rising Afrobeats Star, Great Adamz, Set to Ignite the Charts with Highly Anticipated New Single…

Great Adamz - Anticipated Single Artwork
Great Adamz, the talented artist, poses for the artwork of his highly anticipated new single.

As the world eagerly awaits the forthcoming release of Great Adamz‘s highly anticipated single, excitement and anticipation permeate the air. Great Adamz, a Nigerian-born/UK-based Afrobeats recording artiste, has consistently captivated audiences with his unique blend of tunes and electrifying performances. His music has become a global phenomenon, amassing a dedicated fan base and earning him recognition as one of the most talented and celebrated artistes of this era. Notably, Great Adamz secured a spot among the Top 20 at the MOBO Award Unsung Class of 2022, while the remix to his single, “Link Up,” achieved the highest number of streams on the inaugural MOBO Unsung Compilation Album, boasting over half a million streams across various platforms.

With his upcoming single on the horizon, Great Adamz, hailing from Warri and born in the 90s, is preparing to make a resounding impact on the music scene once again. Fans and music critics alike can anticipate an extraordinary musical experience, meticulously crafted through a diligent creative process and fueled by inspiration. The anticipation surrounding the release of this single is palpable, with fans eagerly counting down the days until they can get their hands on it. Numerous expressions of excitement have already flooded social media platforms, underscoring the profound impact Great Adamz‘s music has on listeners.

Great Adamz‘s musical influence extends beyond mere entertainment, as evidenced by his numerous career highlights. His chart-topping single, “Dirty Wine,” soared to Number 3 on the Apple Music Charts. He has headlined a sold-out show at the Picture Drone in Northampton, received accolades such as the “Golden Star Award Winner 2022” and “Coolwealth Award Winner 2022,” and been named “Northampton Local Music Award Pop Artiste of the Year 2022.” Great Adamz has also garnered recognition in the prestigious MOBO Awards Unsung Class of 2022, been honored as the BBC Radio Northampton Artiste of the Week, and enjoyed extensive radio and TV airplay on prominent platforms such as BBC, 1xtra, Kiss FM, MTV Base Nigeria, and HipTV.

With the impending release of his upcoming single, Great Adamz is poised to continue his meteoric rise to stardom, leaving fans eagerly awaiting what he has in store. His musical prowess promises an unforgettable experience that will undoubtedly leave listeners craving for more. As Great Adamz himself asserts, music is his safe space, and he was born for this extraordinary journey. With popular hits like “Link Up,” “Link Up (Remix),” “Dirty Wine” and “My Heart,” already making waves, the anticipation for what’s to come only intensifies.