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AceWorldTEAM is a prominent online PR platform fused with a blog, based in Nigeria. Since its official launch in March 2012, AceWorldTEAM has consistently risen to become one of the leading blogs in its field. With a strong following and a growing readership, we attract a significant number of unique visitors every month and experience substantial monthly hits. Our platform has gained recognition and continues to make a positive impact in promoting Naija music and providing exclusive gists.

At AceWorldTEAM, our mission is to showcase the finest emerging Nigerian artists, providing them with a voice to reach the Nigerian people and beyond. While we share similarities with other online PR teams, we distinguish ourselves by combining dedication and hard work with an extra edge. We give fresh and young artists the opportunity to be showcased to the masses, acting as both promoters and advisors in the realm of online PR and artist management. Our dedication extends beyond emerging acts; we also maintain connections with veteran Nigerian artists who continue to make an impact in the music industry.

In addition to featuring songs and music videos on our website, we also highlight radio shows and publish articles that encompass not only the music world but also various aspects of life. Our aim is not only to entertain but also to educate and impart knowledge to our site visitors.

AceWorldTEAM represents the convergence of three words in its creation. Our team comprises individuals who excel and stay relevant in their respective fields, standing out in their own unique ways. AceWorld is our family name, while AceWorldTEAM represents the entire crew who share a common vision and serve as online publicists for the young, burgeoning talents in the Nigerian music industry.

Our website is managed by DJ Sean, who is more than just a disc-jockey. For details on advert placements, please use the contact form.

DJ Sean