Selense: Dillo’s Afro/Highlife Delight from P: 12-24 Project

Dillo P: 12-24 Project Selense Cover
Experience the Afro/Highlife magic with Dillo's latest release, Selense.

Dillo continues to grace our ears with the rhythmic wonders of his “P: 12-24” project, and today marks the release of the latest addition to this musical journey – “Selense.” This Afro/Highlife themed track showcases Dillo‘s commitment to delivering diverse and rich sounds to his ever-growing fanbase.

Today, the last Friday of February 2024, is in line with the artist’s pledge to drop a new single each last Friday of the month as part of the “P: 12-24” project, and the Afro/Highlife genre for the song suggests a celebration of life, rhythm, and cultural influences.

What’s Next – “Who Say” ft. Maxk

As the euphoria of “Selense” permeates the air, Dillo is already gearing up for the next musical adventure. Mark your calendars for March 29, 2024, the last Friday of March, when Dillo plans to enchant us once again with the release of “Who Say.” This upcoming track is set to feature Maxk, adding an exciting collaborative dimension to the project.

Dillo‘s commitment to delivering a new single every last Friday of the month ensures a constant stream of musical delights for his fans. “Selense” is a testament to his dedication to exploring various styles within the Afrofusion realm.

Stay tuned for “Who Say” on March 29th, and be prepared for another immersive experience in the world of Dillo‘s “P: 12-24” project. Follow Dillo on digital music platforms and social media to stay updated and be part of this captivating musical journey. The rhythm continues, and Dillo invites you to dance along.