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Please note that the series, “Lecherous Journal,” is rated 18+ and solely based on the writer’s creative imagination and his ability to express them in precise form, stating definitely or systematically. Criticism and condemnation of any form should be solely based on your individual believe and therefore forwarded and archived in your brain for personal use; these contents are for matured minds only – Thanks!!!

In a world where your profession is supposed to define a certain percentage of your character, 2 talented friends with like-minds and similar focus, endeavour to disintegrate their social life from their daily hustle…but the only obstacles in their path are the painful heartbreak they’ve experienced and the lustful desire that hunts them; would they fight for love, find a new love or give in to lust?
For if it’s love, it’d last,
If it’s lust, it’d pass,
But what if it’s all lies?


Welcome to the second coming; and as it is always said, there is always something new that comes with a new beginning. Well, this is not a new beginning to he who is involved, but for y’all; so, on this note, I would love to end my boring introduction with just 3 clauses…

“They ain’t see sh*t, we ain’t say sh*t, so there ain’t sh*t.” – Tommy (#Power #S03E03)


A lot of people feel it’s awkward and a little nerve racking to try to get back in touch with a friend or friends they haven’t spoken to in a while; what often happens is someone will want to drop an old buddy a line, but then they’d think, “it will be so weird sending them a message, IM or an email out of nowhere. How will they react to it? Will they wonder why I’m writing them now? What if we don’t have anything to say to each other.” So, they’ll put it off but then a few months later when they’re mulling over the idea again, they’d think, “well now it’s been even longer since we last spoke. It will seem extra inappropriate and random to contact them.” It’s an easy thing to procrastinate on, and it only feels harder to do the more time has passed. This wasn’t the case amongst the 3Aces; meeting up and hanging out was a normal activity for them – it had become a lifestyle. It was about to be another impromptu gathering of brothers and such short notices always ended up in a long night; Abiodun had thought it wise to bring it up and have everyone sit and catch up on old times. There was one thing involved in this particular impromptu hangout though, his choice of location. The Darkside.

“Where I am, is different from where I want to be; it’s your choice to choose if you want to take the next journey with me.” – Pelumi Daniels (Lecherous Journal: S2 E4)


Akin had finally convinced Tiago to come experience the hangout of the 3Aces for a first; Tiago, who had been reluctant at first, finally concurred and decided to come along with Akin. He had planned to just bid his farewell and return home to rest, pack and prepare for his long days’ experience in the cloud; Akin took a search into the luggage bag that was stashed in the home-studio. He emptied the contents onto the floor and carefully selected 3 3Aces branded shirts – 1 white, 1 purple and b black: a colour arrangement he knew so well; the only orthodox colours left of the branded shirts were blue and red. He stashed the first 3 into his back-pack and took the other 2 in his hands to the living room where Tiago was blowing merrily on his Switch.

Which colour would you prefer?” He asked Tiago.

Any would do, as long as they fit.Tiago replied.

Red it is then. Today you get to play danger.

Fudhas! What does that even mean?

You’d know soon, just don’t blame me afterwards; blame Abiodun.Akin replied.

They did the extras to be done in the house and minutes after, they were driving out of the house, into the street – a journey from The Hideout to The Darkside.

Hello, where do I pick you?Akin asked. He was on the phone with the mystery lady; the rest of the conversation was short, sharp and over in seconds.

“A gravidade não é responsável pelas pessoas se apaixonarem. (Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.)” – Tiago (Lecherous Journal: S2 E4)


In about an hour, the recording would begin; Abiodun was about to kick start his adventure in writing another masterpiece. It’s been a while he was tasked to write a piece by Justin; his last write-up for him was on Fashion – “Fashion/Trend Amongst Youths As Influenced By The Media.” – a piece that created the circumstance in which he met Vivian. Thinking about it made him travel back memory lane to that faithful day in ICM where Vivian had run into him and the rest were tales of today for tomorrow.

Fashion/Trend Amongst Youths As Influenced By The Media” had come off as a nominee in the “Creative Online Article of the Year on a Blog/Site” category of one of Nigeria‘s most prestigious Webosphere Award; Abiodun had been inspired, thus one of the major reasons for the impromptu call-out this fate-filled night. But there’s much to a night with the 3Aces than just a reason of merriment; leave that to the trio to create the chaos.

Abiodun had his midget; his memo-pad was a button away on his iPad and his micro-jotter and finger pen was and would always be found in his pocket – as a matter of a fact, he had so much of them that every piece of his clothing that had a pocket could accommodate 2 – life of a writer.

Ade was prepared for whatever might go down; Good, Bad or Ugly. He always had a way to bully his way out of the way; so much for the ways of data, internet and surfs – basically anything that had to do with a computer – engineering, software or the likes.

Akin? He’s on his way with his mysteries; he isn’t just a C.E.O by chance or opportunity – he’s not the first with profitable ideas for ventures turn organizations – He isn’t sh*t! He is the sh*t. You couldn’t pin a certain character to this character and that altered so much of his characteristics that one would wonder if his love live was characterized by cataracts trying to ruin his mental characteristics; he was basically the unpredictable amongst the 3Aces.

So, the breakdown is simple. Abiodun can’t be penetrated, Ade can’t be tolerated and Akin? He’s a changeling’s’ assignment.

Abiodun was awoken by the loud music that suddenly began to play through the speakers from the regular section of the lounge they were in; he must have been lost in thought all the while he sat on the couch in the VVIP section of the lounge he and Ade had settled in – a VVIP section he had over the past years nicked – The Darkside.

“If you are not a student of discipline, you cannot graduate from the school of success.” – Princess Nifemi

After several descriptions, Akin finally found his way into The Darkside; he walked right in with Tiago behind him as Abiodun and Ade met them halfway. They exchanged pleasantries and walked into the VVIP section which Abiodun had already booked fully; the section was now occupied by only 4 guys and a female waitress who was dressed in a white tank top and a black mini-skirt.

Now I see why you call this place The Darkside.” Akin said to Abiodun.

The Darkside was actually the VVIP section of the lounge; it was illuminated by just 3 mercury florescent tubes, thereby altering the reflection of colours in the section. It was enclosed and located at the extreme end of the lounge, away from every other activity happening in the premises; the boys took their seat, settled in comfortably and were set to begin their business of the night. It was sure going to be a hangout into midnight, so they thought, until Akin‘s phone rang and he stood up, excused himself to bring in his guest – The Mystery Lady.

Heads definitely turned when Akin introduced her to the table; Abiodun was the only one who knew who she was, but even at that, he was lost for words as all he could do was stare. Akin winked at Abiodun and he knew so well what the wink meant; he had lost a bet. Well, a brotherly bet that wouldn’t affect the pocket but the bucket list; he knew so well to say nothing about it on the table today – even if the drinks did set in. It’s been years he saw her last; it was on that beach. He could remember vividly that night and all that went down. He dared Akin to make it happen again as he saw nothing like an intimacy between them anymore after Akin did cut ties with her brother – The Artiste.

She was dressed in…..

Abiodun‘s mind reflected immediately to when he saw her on the beach; he could recollect all that happened that night – how her intimacy with Akin had all began – Abiodun was once lost in thoughts.

From The Scrip’rs Lecherous Journal – Season 1 Episode 18
“She smiled and looked straight into Akin’s eyes. They had their eyes locked for a few seconds, she bit her lower lips; she searched for the next words to say, nothing came out. Akin moved his head closer to hers, she slowly made for his and as their lips met each other, she closed her eyes and thanked the waves in her mind, for she had wanted to know what the lips of this mysterious man beside her tasted like all the while she had sat with him and laughed to his jokes.”

“Before you can get to your fantasy island, you have to live among the lies.” Tiago continued.

“As soon as the other crew members from other parts of the world joined the Nigerians in their New Year crossover merriment, we made our way to the back galley. No one there, walked right in, got down to business and then finished – walked right out.”

“No one saw anything?” Abiodun asked.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t ask.” Tiago replied.

“Dude, you’re the one on the Red 3Aces today; we get to hear the full gist and not some business of in and out.” Ade broke in almost immediately.

Tiago‘s story was about to set everyone interested; actually, it caught everyone’s attention and they were all set to listen to it as none of them had experienced such – Sex On A Plane High Up In The CloudsTiago picked up his cup of Jack Daniels, gulped half of it and then looked at everyone on Table One after the other in the eyes and said, “Isso é estranho de uma maneira legal. Então vocês querem me ouvir narrar minha história sexual com a brasileira?”

And everyone got lost…

“Before you can get to your fantasy island, you have to live among the lies.” – Taiwo Boris

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