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Please note that the series, “Lecherous Journal” is rated 18+ and solely based on the writer’s creative imagination and his ability to express them in precise form, stating definitely or systematically. Criticism and condemnation of any form should be solely based on your individual believe and therefore forwarded and archived in your brain for personal use; it’s contents are for matured minds only – Thanks!!!


In a world where your profession is supposed to define a certain percentage of your character, 2 talented friends with like-minds and similar focus, endeavour to disintegrate their social life from their daily hustle … but the only obstacles in their path are the painful heartbreak they’ve experienced and the lustful desire that hunts them; would they fight for love, find a new love or give in to lust?


He picked up his memo pad and began scripting away…

Welcome To My First Article On Fashion

The most growing weapon of youngsters is their fashion and trends in their day-to-day life; today, youths are heavily dependent on accessories. What we wear, what we show, matters a lot in this growing world; generally, fashion and trends repeat, but it is always appreciated – actually, fashion and trends improves the physical appearance of the generation. If I ever thought I would be writing so soon about fashion and trends, I would considerably put myself into a box screaming “NO“. Here I am, dipping my quill into the ink pot and Scripting away about what I have seen earlier today while hanging out at BheerHugs.

Tha Only Fashion/Trend that stays in vogue forever is a SMILE … so ALWAYS WEAR A BIG ONE“… BigDan


And the story goes thus;

A beautiful morning it was, shorter night longer day, as I had woken up to a brighter morning, one full of surprise rather than the usual pissed mood that should have accompanied it. Damn! Here I was, laughing so hard to something that could have gotten the most percentage of the most high image-like creation down-casted over a worrisome matter. I guess I am a man of more optimism rather than the average living being who would nickname every odd happening as an “issue of ill-fate“, rather than the required “constant appreciation‘ from the only deity termed “The I Am that I Am“.

I found myself wondering if Justin had gotten his optical senses piercing through a crystal ball hours before he contacted me via the most pro-efficient technological medium of communication in this giant country of mine found in the world’s 3rd planet, top placed divided territory termed “continents” in an alphabetical order – “Nigeria In Africa“. Thus, here I was being hysterical about an event that had occurred for the 2nd time in a space of about 8 years; one that had earned me a nickname I so much detest – RAT TOES, from 2 good friends of mine way back in the higher institution over the incident of having the foreskin of my toes bitten off while I slept by life’s known most troublesome borrowers as I had learnt from the movie, “Arriety“.

At this stage of the game, I don’t think I should keep you in the lobby of my brain; journey with me into an adventure, prompted by Justin‘s negotiation with me in writing on “Fashion/Trend Amongst Youths As Influenced By The Media“.


About 14400 seconds later…

As I made for the escalator leading up to the floor that housed BheerHugs, I was at the Ikeja shopping mall for a countless time and today, the aura was different; could it be because of the new article I was going up to write or is it spiraled around the mysterious revenge from the rats? I was determined, whatever it is, I’ll know soonest. Still shuffling through my mind what the introduction to Justin‘s piece would be, my eyes swept through the descalator, and what looked like an empty heaven slowly heading for earth suddenly became an empire of dark forces wading through space. 1, 2, 3 … my eyes kept moving from one head to another … 11, 12, 13. Thirteen! I exclaimed unconsciously as I tripped from the already escalated device and staggered forward; “oh Sorry, I thought you were going to move“, I tuned around to see who spoke and…

It’s, don’t, never … arrggh! it’s a’ight“, as I blabbed around with words.

I looked down the descalator and the gang were gone.

Damn! That would have been a lovely start to Justin‘s piece“; I frowned and walked towards the entrance of my final destination. Making myself comfortable at the extreme end of the bar would have been just perfect, but for the sake of Justin‘s piece, I had to sit close to the entrance of BheerHugs, so I could see everyone who passes by and also evaluate their trend for the article. I had just made my a** kiss the chair and withdrawn my electronic memo-pad and phones from my pocket when the similar voice I heard a few minutes ago from the escalator spoke again…

Do you mind if I join you?

Oh, do sit“, as I stood up to draw out her chair…

Thank you. There are very few gentlemen these days“.

She grinned after speaking…

Well! We try our best“, was all I could say; “so, why the rush and melodrama from the escalator?“. Only then did I notice her stunning beauty as I scanned her from her cleavage up to her hair, back to her cleavage and then her dress and my eyes kept going back to her cleavage. She sure would be in her early 20‘s; young, sexy and appealing to any man. “Errrmm, I’m Abiodun and I’m working on this write-up about…“, and after my narration, she smiled and said…

Pretty much explains it … I’m Vivian“; she stretched out her right hand for a shake but I held it in a posture of kissing her back palm, only that I didn’t, rather I gave it 2 strokes with my thumb and ended the introductory gesture with a smile. We kept our conversation going for about 6 minutes and then… “Excuse me please“, she said as her hands made for her bag and in less than 60 seconds, my eyes widened. She placed a packet of Dunhill Lights [cigarette] on the table and then asked, “I’m sure you’ve got a lighter?“…

And how would you know that?“, this time she laughed out and damn, I felt foolish as I noticed she was staring at the pocket of my varsity jacket.

Alright! That doesn’t make you super smart ma’am … you still owe me one for pushing me off the escalator“. We both laughed as I pulled my pack of Dunhill Switch [cigarette] and purple lighter out, and dropped them on the table.

I was enjoying her company and had forgotten about Justin‘s piece; she waved at the waiter passing by and whispered her order to her and just before I could interrupt, the waiter was gone. “Don’t worry, I know just what you would have ordered for“…

Really? You seem to think you know so much about me already“, I said.

Well, I can predict a few from our discussion“, and then we both blew smokes…

Time flew as we both talked about different topics; “I plan to base this piece on 5 different aspects of the society. I don’t want to write something regular“, I told her.

That’s good, so what and what are your basis?

Media influence on kids, just as you’ve seen from the picture I showed you, professions – bankers or even the waiter; we did agree her dress code ain’t appropriate right?“.

Yeah we did“, and we continued analysing different topics to base the write-up on.

Let’s take turns on the topics“, I slurred out my words to her; the Vodka sure was beginning to take a toll on me.

Alright, you go first“, she said sharply to me.

Nah, ladies first … so, you pick a topic“; I wasn’t sure if I said that out of being a gentleman or because I was enjoying her boobs swerve in all direction as she gestured every words. Gentleman my a** – even the Pope sure can’t control such a sight. I thought to myself.


She started on this topic and I prayed in my heart that she doesn’t preach to me about fornication along the story…

Trends influenced by Religion is one topic most people seem to overlook; The Tebliq men – an Islam group can’t be mistaken from their trousers. I’m pretty sure that was what attracted you to them on the escalator“. I nodded in agreement but still kept my blurry-visioned eyes on her chest. “Abiodun! Are you listening to me or just admiring my boobs?“; I jolted and looked up at her face. “Pardon me, but even the …“, she smiled and said, “it’s okay, I get that a lot … just don’t think too far“. Damn! She sure is one helluva crazy chick. “Let me continue, now listen or you would miss my pointers … the Rosary of the Catholics is now a borrowed accessory to fashion, and the Buddhist are always dressed in robes; there sure are more trends influenced by Religion but those 3 are enough to enlighten any scholar“.


Good job Veev, now I’d handle kids and media influence“.

Did you just call me Veev?“, she looked into my eyes, shocked.

Yes, you don’t like it?“.

Of course I do, but only one person calls me that … hmmmmn“.

I tried controlling my composure … I sat back and acted like a boss, then I uttered out – “your boyfriend? That’s your pet name?“, she smiled and… “just go on“; I smiled back and continued. “Alright, I won’t push. Kids of nowadays, just like you, are so influenced by the media. Ya’all just wanna dress like Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar, Lil’ Wayne, e.t.c“; I could see her mood change via her face.

I’m not a kid” she blurted out.

Oh common dear, so what sub-topic prompted your dress-code for today? Tell me dear“.

She straightened her face the more and whispered to me… “Tell me you don’t like it, ashawo boy“, she stuck her tongue out in a manner to molest me and as I laughed, her phone rang. “Excuse me“, she said and walked away to answer her phone. I picked up my packet and it was empty. Damn! I’d burnt all sticks; I stretched for the Dunhill Lights. “What a funny switch from Switch to Lights … and there again I go with words and rhymes“, I said to myself.

As I blew smokes out of my mouth, Vivian approached the table, and she wasn’t alone; a tall built figure stepped up beside her and said “hello, Veev said you’ve been keeping her company. I hope it isn’t more than the friendly company?“; I couldn’t tell if it was her dad or boyfriend. I dropped my stick immediately and said, “she’s a smart company herself“. “Good“, he replied. “Now Veev, let’s get going, gather your stuffs“. And before I could say any other word, they were walking away already. I pondered who the dude was, and as I watched the sexy Vivian disappear, it sure was the last time I’d be seeing her, except co-incidence shines luck on me; and in one last turn, she appeared again with the mysterious dude, both heading for the exit stairs, then she turned her head towards me and in a quick gesture, she made a phone sign with her pinkie finger and thumb and whispered into it, “call me“.

Okay! The call-me sign sure meant she enjoyed my company, but I must be a fool for celebrating at 1st when I never did ask for her number; I pulled out some rumbled notes out of my back pocket. “Wonderful, all these spending for nothing. At these rates, I’d have spent more than the actual cost of writing this damn piece … rubbish … well, I did enjoy those cleavage views“, I tried consoling myself. And just as I packed my phones and all into my pockets and blew on her last stick, the waiter appeared. I pointed at the money on the table and asked, “how much is the bill?“. She starred at me confused and said the 3 most surprising words for the moment, “she has paid“…


Yes, she said I should give you this“, and the waiter walked away. I flipped the small note open and there it was … 11 digits, starting with 0703 … and then a writing underneath it, “CALL BY 1 AM“…

What? Midnight call? I’d be sure dead in sleep by then, not with all the drinking and smoking, and I hate Xtra-Cool“; I frowned and headed for the exit stairs, and as I descended, there came a strong wind and blew the small sheet off my hand. I found myself, paper chasing all down the stairs.

Can my day get any worse?“.


Over the years, I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it”… Yves Saint Laurent



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