ThaPreacha’s Mélange: KRS-One Speaks


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By now, it’s no news how I get down when it comes to “REAL HIP-HOP” … And you also know getting more knowledge has always been my thing.

Just when I thought I knew everything about Hip-Hop, The Teacha KRS-One says otherwise. I saw this exclusive video last night whilst trying to get more knowledge. It talks about MC‘s and Emcees and also, Emcees not being Real Emcees if they ain’t got DeeJay capabilities. Confusing eh?

Then you really should check out this video from KRS-One. It’s what I call Thoro Teaching and it’s a must watch! Thank me later for this discovery.

I’m sure most y’all got a lot of questions about this as it’s a deep topic we could spend a whole day discussing…

Here, e-mail me – [email protected] OR holla on Twitter – @McThaPreacha and I’ll be willing to answer all questions.

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