“Broken Needles”: Butafly’s Stand Against Societal Labels

"Butafly's Empowering Anthem: 'Broken Needles' Takes Flight"

Breaking the Chains: Butafly‘s Empowering Single ‘Broken Needles‘ Soars

Chrysalis Rising is excited to announce the release of Butafly’s new single, Broken Needles. The poetic record comes after almost six years of her last release and will be her first official song on streaming platforms.

Unveiling ‘Broken Needles‘: A Poetic Revolution

In this thought-provoking song, the singer, rapper, songwriter, and designer uses the metaphorical term ‘Broken Needles’ to describe people who have been on the receiving end of societal labeling, mostly as a result of their circumstances or experiences.

Triumph Over Labels: Butafly‘s Resolute Message

The rhythmic record is a riveting account of her firm resolve to continuously reject labeling and societal projections. Using relatable lyrics delivered in English and Nigerian-Pidgin, the adroit singer with birth name Lois Ogechi Osuoha, calls to attention; her inner strength, her will to triumph, her capabilities, and the success of her recently released ‘Broken Needles’ collection.

Challenging Stereotypes: Butafly‘s Call to Action

According to the Lagos-based artiste, labels do more than shape expectations and create stereotypes which often result in expecting less from someone despite their capabilities. They can also lead to feelings of rejection, worthlessness, and fragile self-esteem.

Embracing Unity: ‘We are all from the same place

Utilizing the insightful meaning of the phrase, ‘we are all from the same place’, Butafly aims to remind her listeners that rather than giving in to the divisive effects of labeling, our common origin should positively influence our interactions with others, drawing us closer to them in order to contribute to their healing process.

Anthem of Identity: Rejecting Labels with Butafly

She describes the song as a universal anthem for those who are determined to build their own sense of identity beyond a single adjective or societal diagnosis. Reiterating that they should vehemently refuse to be shaped by the expectations and labels of others, and recognize that we all have a collection of many unique and amazing characteristics and that we are more than the words that describe us.

Sonic Uplift: Butafly‘s Captivating Delivery

Butafly’s smooth delivery on a captivating production by rising producer, 7rolls is sure to give her listeners a soothing and uplifting feeling.