Artiste: HumbleSmith
Track: Focus (Official Video)
Directed By: Clarence A. Peters
Written By: Edward Fortune (@fawtchune)
Category: Critique’s Piece
Platform: AceWorldTEAM

Beautiful Thursday morning and all geared up to go make some extra cash so we go fit tidy offering for church on Sunday after all Bible say, “don’t come into my house empty,” and this one no be “my pastor say, my pastor say.” Skies look sorrowful like it’s going to cry heavily but omoboy no send as allowee must enter and phone must vibrate with *pam pam* alert sound. Time to go out, na so I hear the Instagram song of the year, “Focus,” by HumbleSmith wey every girl wey don pass puberty stage don twerk to!!! I never watch the video before so I say, omo, I don get song wey I go sing throughout today – I no know say devil get plan for me to mix my garri with sand!

Am singing along,

“dominos.. eat pizza.. happiness is a good fever.. baby my love ooh”

Na there kasala burst; next thing wey I begin see na Korean movie slow motion dey happen ooh. I still dey whine myself to believe say na advert for DaViva or one of all these Ankara manufacturers so I no worry – the song dey sweet my belle – lo and behold, Michael Jackson wannabe shows up. Na so Uncle Clarence begin *Focus* onto him yellow shoe; the number of times I saw the yellow Bata was beginning to confirm my suspicion about the video being used for an advert! Then the Verse 1 rolls in and out and reality knack me better knock for head; WTF!!! With lyrics like, “na u dey make me shiver ooh, u want some energy, I get am for body, on top your body I focus” and all the rest, uncle decided to show us colour colour tire, colour colour drum, sleep on top tire like mechanic; the models used for the video sef no even get joy, dem just stand like mannequin wey dem don swear for from village before dem even conceive dem for belle!

For an artist like HumbleSmith who said his goal is to be greater than Uncle MJ (R.I.P), teaming up with one of Naija‘s finest video director (at least record has shown), one would really have expected a really detailed video – a story-line to recreate the lyrics – you saying “Focus,” “Focus” is a deep and strong word that means an act of concentration, the centre of interest and I make bold to say both the artiste and director were honestly not focused shooting what would have turned out to be a masterpiece and a delight to the eyes, the same way all those puberty crossing stage girls baptised the song!

You show us RR wey u no even drive even after telling her, “come make I carry you komot.”
You talk pizza and Dominos, yet u no even try give dem small visual advert with delivery boy for door or since u say, “make I carry you komot,” you for still form romantic small, open Dominos door for am, but na lie.

Na children wey dey do “change your style, another one, be like that” game wey we do when we small you decide to show us for video, like say we no sabi the game; shebi dem for at least reason u small endorsement level as e be say na the same thing your guy do with *share the gala*

You kept calling Comfort in the song and we no even know who be Comfort for the video because all of them just stand like who dem program from village! It’s a song that celebrates love, sincerity and concentration, one that reassures the supposed Comfort that na she be the only one wey go dey chop him Pizza money, wey him ready to Focus on like lion wey don sight prey (a stereotype kind of song we’re being served on a regular in Naija) but sadly, the video na ERROR!!!

We are seriously tired of seeing the same thing recreated with small small expo left behind; na the same tyre scene or set-up dem use for Kiss DanielSofa” video – if concept no dey, make dem kuku leave us with the audio make we dey groove dey go naa!

My question still remains,

“Isn’t it time for music video directors to employ the services of script writers to help them out with the videos?”

I honestly believe Uncle Clarence Peters should also shave off his Dada make breeze begin enter him head because storage space for the head don full and all him recent videos na total pack of rubbish!!!

Edward Fortune

N-Tyze Entertainment singer, HumbleSmith, has been consistent with his releases this year; the singer serves up another single titled “Focus” – the MixtaDimz-produced number also has it’s visuals up for viewing pleasure – listen up, watch and share your thoughts. | ENJOY!!!

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