Critique’s Piece: Asa – ASA [Asha] (Album) | #28DaysMusicWriterExercise

Asa - ASHA [Asha] Artwork |

Artiste: Asa
Album: Asa [Asha]
Year of Release: 2007
Written By: Adore Ray (@Adore_ray)
Category: Critique’s Piece
Platform: AceWorldTEAM

New month; everything just seems blissful even when I chose Asa‘s debut “Asa [Asha]” to kick off this exercise. There’s no need to bring back any lyrics – if you take 43 minutes out of today or any other day in the month of February, you will reap the benefits and be inspired because that’s what you do when you listen to greatness – nothing but appreciation for this 2007 Soul music project out of Nigeria.