Artiste: Sean Tizzle ft. Iceberg Slim
Track: Roll Up (Official Video)
Directed By: UA Images
Written By: Edward Fortune (@fawtchune)
Category: Critique’s Piece
Platform: AceWorldTEAM

The next time you want to meet up with that ‘ride or die chick,’ just play “Roll Up” by Sean Tizzle and watch the magic that would happen; ever since he dropped the EP, “Moving Forward: Vol. 1,” to me, he wasn’t really moving forward because little or nothing was heard about him and just when I was about giving up on him, he slammed me with the visuals to “Latin Lover,” a song and video that just has a way of depicting what it means to interpret a song and put it into display.

I was still digesting that one and saying, “Sean don get sense shaaa, when uncle Tizzle decided to show me his new Dada hairstyle (every Naija artist don dey pack hair go back now shaaa, but what do I know) and in what better way than the video to ‘Roll Up‘.

I saw the updates everywhere and I just ignored ‘cuz I been dey vex say chairman never lemme finish the fantasy wey I been dey build about flying out to secure a “Latin Lover” make I do all the wayo wey Sean do for the video; so, his manager, Rico White, whom I think was patiently waiting for me to talk about the video must have noticed I had not said a word to him and instead of him to just dey for him lane and coolu temper jeje, bros decided to hit me directly with the link to the video – more like, “yo, if you dey form blind for blogs, na the link be this; oya lie say you never see the video.

I look up, I look down and asked myself if I should open this message because if I dare open to read, WhatsApp go signify say I no just see the message, I open am read; I gather morale, open, na so I download ooooh to know weda bros really don still dey “Move Forward.” I was praying that this MB should not be a waste again considering what has become the norm with Naija videos and also because I go personally buy blade, go meet Tizzle for him Tizzle Nation and scrape off that him Dada or whatever it’s called!!!

GBAM!!! Video has finished downloading…

First stage of heart attack!
I searched my pocket to be sure I still had extra ₦20 for blade and t-fare wey go carry me reach him side!
Video rolls up and the first thing I said was, “whatever Sean Tizzle has been rolling up, he should better not stop!!!”

He welcomes me with a very smooth sound, showing us how he gets it all started with some “Roll Up” and pouring his heart out more like he was just having a wishful thought and unknown to him, his thoughts could be heard and even though I was a little confused there because at first, he was trying to make a call or make us believe he was on the phone, the next I saw was him doing some “Roll Up” and still talking (maybe he put it on speaker shaaa) then our one-plaited hair Iceberg Slim comes in to continue the melodious flow. I had heard the audio version when he dropped the EP some time back but I honestly could not tell who was responsible for that first verse; the video transcends into a beautiful “Roll Up” of events that sees two love birds trying to hook up and unwind through nature gifts that surrounds them as they enjoy each others company.

From the first scene to the last scene, you have nothing to regret if you can pay attention to detail (like our uncle Limpopo will say); though e no too dwell on some of the things wey the lyrics dey talk, it’s a feel-good song and the video was able to bring into reality what a feel-good song should be all about. From the camera angle and shots and from the picture quality to the nature experience, they gave us a feel of Sean Tizzle alongside UA Images, and took us on a very good ride on what a feel-good song should be like (I’m sure some of these directors that needs deliverance will be watching and stealing small small concepts); it points in the direction of how life can feel so relieving when you get correct bae wey sabi “Roll Up.”

No doubt, Sean Tizzle needs more “Roll Up ” of whatever it is he’s really trying to talk about; this one no be song or video wey person go speak too much English abeg – make una go watch am sharp sharp! I don go!! ENJOY!!!

Edward Fortune