2012 is one of those years that seemed to have less than 24 hours in each of the 366 days. The Nigeria music factory left fans agog as it has been a year of all-round entertainment. Several folks bagged accolades both home and abroad. The regulars kept their heads up and there was room for a couple of new-comers who played their cards well.

It must be said that this epistle is my view and opinion as it takes a critical look at 12 quality or flash albums that supposedly should make commercial success but did not. I bet there are a few albums on this list that will leave readers wondering and asking when they were released.

It is understandable that several music lovers did not know that these albums dropped due to laxity in the PR of the artistes and their management or just fate going by the saying that “talent is natural, excellence is a choice”.

Without further ado, let me hit the nail on the head:

Faze - Akachukwu + Follow Your Mind Artwork | AceWorldTeam.com1. FAZE – REFAZED: This is an album with which Faze baba tried to re-establish himself in the music factory. This is quality album, truth be said. It housed several intelligent lyrics, good vocals and quality beats. There were digressions in the genre of music, but Faze baba still got the R’n’B touch and flavour. With songs like “My Girl” featuring Vector, “Nkem”, and “In The Mood”, this 17-tracker LP is another good one by Faze, but ironically it did not do commercially well. Although some videos have been shot off the album, this did not change the commercial attribute of the album. For a feel and understanding of what I mean, grab a “Refazed” album today, although it took me days and distance to get mine.

Flavour - Blessed Artwork | AceWorldTeam.com

2. FLAVOUR – BLESSED: With features by Wizboy and Fally Ipupa, this album did not make very good commercial success. It might surprise a lot of people to know that this indigenous act released an album this year. Although most of the songs were recorded in the native Igbo dialect. It can be defined as a brilliant beer parlour music compilation. Even with a song and video with Fally Ipupa, it did not bring to peoples’s notice that it’s off his “BLESSED” album, I think people cared less. This is an excellent compilation of indigenous music, it is the best high-life album to be found in any store in recent times.

BrymO - Son Of A Kapenta Artwork | AceWorldTeam.com

3. BRYMO – THE SON OF A KAPENTA: The Chocolate City’s male vocalist had a very good year with success from singles such as “Ara”, “Good Morning” and “Go Hard”. This made his album one of the few craved for in the year 2012, but ironically it’s release went unnoticed. What a sheer waste of talent. A very distinct compilation of vocals, beats and lyrics. BrymO did not disappoint me with this album, but it is a commercial blunder. A friend of mine will call it a “rushed project”. I hope for the best probably after he shoots a few videos off the album.

4. SOUND SULTAN – ME, MY MOUTH AND EYE: Firstly, in my opinion, I think the album title is not appealing and fascinating in comparism with it’s priors – “SS4”, “The Textbook”, “Back From The Future” and others. The name is not striking. After 12 years of stage life, the sultan of sound in the Naija ninja kingdom decided to release this album following the success of his single “People Bad” featuring the veteran, Wyclef. The album housed 12 tracks which did not make commercial mark. This is an album with true definition of music. Sound Sultan is indeed a veteran, but I guess people just want to wine and dance.


5. CAPITAL F.E.M.I – THE YEAR OF R’n’B: In my opinion, this young man is the new king of R’n’B. His lengthy 17 tracks album is indeed worth the purchase. I can only wonder why this young man is not getting the much deserved credit. An album with songs such as “Get Low”, “Never Felt A Love”, “If”, “Am Just Saying” featuring Jaywon and Sinzu should have done commercially better. This brings us back to the words of some veterans who think that good music is loosing it’s value in this generation of ours. I’ll give kudos to Capital F.E.M.I for this debut album of his. It shows a lot of dynamism, proficiency and efficiency. The year of R’n’B is indeed an undiluted R’n’B album.

REMINISCE - BOOK OF RAP STORIES Artwork | AceWorldTeam.com

6. REMINISCE – BOOK OF RAP STORIES: His debut album with the monster hit “Kako Bii Chicken” did not do well in the market at all. To my utmost surprise, only a couple of DJs has this LP in their bags. They would rather have the singular hit track on a mix-tape. I feel so sad for this dude who has worked really hard to drop this much anticipated album. Features by the veteran Ruggedman, and his long time friend Jahbless did not push the album. To add salt to open wound, not long after he dropped this album did Vector skin his head causing a setback for his musical career, but I guess he’s back now considering his latest features.


7. MAVINS – SOLAR PLEXUS: After the defunct of the world famous Mo Hits Records, there was an immediate release of the “Solar Plexus” album by the newly formed Mavins. It is a compilation of songs by the remnant of the crew Wande Coal, D’Prince, Dr. Sid, and the newly recruited Tiwa Savage. On release of the album, expectation was high as all social media networks were flooded, only for us to have gotten what we did not deserve. I think after a critical view at the album which only has a hit song by each artiste by the Don, he decided to place it online for free download, but to my utmost surprise I soon found this album on the streets. Singles and videos from Wande Coal was quick to heal our pains though.

DUNCAN MIGHTY - FOOT PRINTS Artwork | AceWorldTeam.com

8. DUNCAN MIGHTY – FOOT PRINTS: With the album banger “We Go Dey Dey” which featured Wande Coal, “Light Ooo”, and “Port Harcourt Boi Remix”, it can be said that this beautiful and loaded album which also features Shaggy and Timaya did not go far commercially. A couple of readers might be surprised to know that Duncan Mighty has an album this year. This LP has 18 tracks although a couple of them still has the “Wene Mighty” beat and touch; another good one from Duncan mighty. His vocals and lyrics were not disappointing as usual. The new beats were spectacular and well mixed and mastered, but alas it did not reach the commercial heights as the previous albums. As a lover of good music, it hurts though, but only little can be done on a personal note to push the album.

D'Prince - Frenzy Artwork | AceWorldTeam.com

9. D’PRINCE – FRENZY: In my own words, the album is a flashy but empty album. Coming from the brother of the Mavin’s Don, one would have expected a better album. “Frenzy” is a clumsy 25 tracks album which should not have come as a surprise to anyone who has followed the trend of D’Prince. Although it has popular tracks such as “Goody Bag” and other singles which have done well in the past. His secret wasn’t fully exposed as fellow label-mate Tiwa Savage and Wande Coal were there to cover him in the cold and dark times. This album though very flashy did not make commercial way forward. The appearance of the super-star Wizkid did not help matters. The only positive about the album is that it lives up to it’s name as it boasts of songs that can fuel your party rage. I must say that it had no idea and very low on creative fuel. From this album, it’s an evidence that music lovers are now better critics.

Rugged Records

10. MONEY MAKING MUSIC – RUGGED MAN COLLABORATION ALBUM: Ruggedy baba who can be boldly referred to as a veteran after dropping 2 singles off the album before release got back into the heart of people, especially with his monster hit “Push” featuring Terry G. His collaboration with his new signing Mbryo on the “Ruggedy Baba Pt. 2” is also applaud-able. A couple videos off the album and the previous one further instilled  Ruggedy baba in our hearts. Although this album is another very good package from the veteran, it did not follow the trend of the previous. It was first released on the music download website Spinlet, but I guess this did not affect the sale. The album with 11 wonderful tracks is a good come back by Ruggedy. Probably a few videos off the album could do the magic.

eLDee - UNDENIABLE Artwork | AceWorldTeam.com

11. eLDee – UNDENIABLE: This is the reported last album by the veteran and CEO of Trybe 2.0 records who has been in the game since 1998. This is one album that should have done better commercially; the Don did not digress into the craze of noise in music’s name. He featured his label signings Sojay, K9 and also the superstar Wizkid. Although it also had on it the wedding anthem “Today Today” and the street credible “Wash Wash”, this did not in any way improve the sale. His lyrics, beats and delivery stuck to his definition of good music. His versatility was again brought to the obvious and one can only wonder why it is not an anthem on most radio stations.

JHYBO - BEE NA NI Artwork | AceWorldTeam.com

12. JHYBO – BEE NA NI: Probably this post would have been up earlier only if I could go back home to get the title of Jhybo’s album. I had to reach over 20 people to get this title not knowing that I was telling them that Jhybo has an album. At last, I had to reach DJ Sean who almost instantly reminded me of the title. That only shows how “unpopular” the album is. It’s another good compilation of songs and beats, but failed to reach limelight. Jhybo’s well promoted “Run Their Mouth” single is off this album, but sadly it did not affect the sale of this album positively. A couple of readers will argue why this album made this list; please do me a big favour, cop this album.

Well, there it is, another epistle from “Poison Pen” by Wale Applause.





  2. Truth be told.. The internet world has made alot of our super starz or musicians to be lazy… They find it very difficult to promote their album believing so much in their internet fans who might not even have time to buy their album! Though they are the ones wjo always ask them for their album! Seriously its affecting the market.. Alaba doesnt pick interest anymore in buy an artist album rather the artist will print some copies and give to them to distribute… Forget the lies that you hear that some artist sold their album for millions…Alaba no dey buy album again ooo! Plz pardon ma grammer. Mr ozone is here

  3. You tried very much. If you ask today to list top ten best albums of the year. I will choose Faze's Refazed as my number one. Follow by Tuface's Away And Beyond. Then Flavour's Blessed. My fourth best is Chidinma's Chidinma. Fifth is Brymo's Son of a Kapenta. Sixth is would be Ill Bliss's Oga Boss. Seventh is Eldee's Undeniable. I have not listen to some of these quality albums. As in Sound Sultan's, Ruggedy's, Jayboy, etc. I don't know all these albums wouldn't make waves. Something is wrong somewhere. Before now, Nigeria, Africa and the world at large used to appreciate good music. I believe something is wrong somewhere. Nowadays, people have value for nonsense songs.

  4. Bro, I've done my research. Almost all the albums listed here are selling. 1anging from Faze Baba's to Jayboy's. Maybe you meant that the albums did hit the streets very hard, but they are selling. Please, ask those people selling cds to understand what I mean becausse most of us it's only when they're playing the songs ro albums in clubs that we say the albums are selling. As for me Faze's Refazed is the best for mw. Follow by Tuface's Away and Beyond. Then Flavour's Blessed…, etc. These are some of the few albums with the best lyrics, beats and voices of several music genres in 2012.

  5. Only albul I can buy on that list are flavor ά̲η∂ brymo, all are trash music. Music in 9ja is gettin retarded.

  6. u are so on point. especially starting with the faze album. i have listen to that album severally and its my favourite album of the year. love the song Nkem, In d Mood, My girl and others. he did a very good job but he needs to promote his album more.

  7. Nice piece, I agree with most of ur opinions buh I think its too early to call Brymo's album a commercial failure, same with D'Prince's n Ruggedman's…these albums r barely a month old on d streets so I don't understand why they r on dis list, Chidinma's album didn't do too well (saleswise) I'd expect yhu to include her album as well as Black Magic's…another thing is, d title of dis piece read "12 Quality Albums Of 2012 That Didn't Do Well Commercially" buh while analysing D'Prince's album, yhu obviously pointed out dat d album wuz crap n a "clumsy effort" so why include it in d list in d first place when yhu r apparently talking about QUALITY

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