[#ACE_ ARTICLES] Young, Successful and Talented Artistes: OLAMIDE “YBNL” IN FOCUS …by Wale Applause


A good look at the Nigerian music industry at the moment, it’s well said that most of the dudes doing well are young talents, who have given their hearts to music in a long time. These dudes all have loop holes though, at the same time they got some things that have sustained and will keep sustaining them in the music factory.

Young, Successful and Talented: OLAMIDE IN FOCUS

Olamide YBNL | AceWorldTeam.comThis epistle is for upOlamide YBNL 2 | AceWorldTeam.com and coming artistes to learn from this young talented dude and see what has kept him in the business. I took time out to research a few of these young successful talents and I decided it’s time to take them one after the other, starting with “Olamide” in focus. This dude unknown to him has 7 key points worthy of note and everyone who knows him can attest to this. These are 7 lessons to be learnt from this successful talented young man.

Humility: It’s well said by the Yoruba’s that “idobale ko kin se iwa” which literally means in English that “the fact that you always prostrate doesn’t make you a person of good behaviour”. Time was taken out to study “Olamide” and how he defines humility, after which I came to the conclusion that he’s of “genuine humility”. He is not the type of person who pays respect to whom it’s due, but genuinely pays respect to everyone that comes his way. I guess he must have buttressed this attribute of his from “ID Cabasa”. One of those things that have kept “Olamide” in the music factory is this trait of his, HUMILITY. This is one lesson to be held onto by up and comings to learn and imbibe.

FRIENDS and HUMAN RELATION: This is one trait you won’t have if humility doesn’t come first. Sometimes, I get to forget that this dude is highly celebrated. “Olamide” relates well with everyone and instead of fans, he officially calls everyone that loves him and his music friends. He follows you on Twitter without much ado, accepts your Facebook requests whenever he logs on, and he generally relates well on the streets.

GOOD LOOKS and PHYSIQUE: Although “Olamide” doesn’t have the looks and physique of Mr Universe, he’s blessed with good looks and takes time to work on his physique and dress sense. He’s almost a dandy. This has gotten him a lot of friends, especially the female folks. I have met a lot of ladies who have a very strong crush on “Olamide” for which I’m very sure that his good looks must have played a role in that. His haircut is splendid. Dear upcoming artiste, let me be quick to share this secret with you, once you got the female folks as friends and fans, your sustainability in the music factory becomes very high [Wale Applause dint tell you this :D ].Olamide YBNL 1 | AceWorldTeam.com

STREET CREDIBILITY: This dude is very credible on the streets. His song though connects well with everyone, but most people on the streets connect better with his songs, as they always leave the streets with slangs, with reference to “Omo toh Shan” and “Eni Duro” [even the videos were shot on the streets].

POWERFUL RHYTHMS and RHYMES: Olamide” is one of the artistes that I cherish do much for this attribute. Not just because his rhymes rhyme, but they communicate and always have a story to tell. He isn’t any artiste that just rhymes; he is one of meaningful rhymers. All his rhymes, quote me anywhere, communicate with the audience and have a story to tell. He is one of the very few artistes that care about his lyrics and use of words. He doesn’t boast of the good life he lives, talking about fast cars, blings and all and neither does he cry about booty and boobs, but instead, he takes out good time to write and deliver good lyrics to his friends. This dude is indeed here to stay.

STRONG LYRICS and POWERFUL USE OF WORDS: Not much is to be said about this obvious attribute of Olamide‘s songs. Every music lover and friend of “Olamide”, and his music can attest to this. This dude who sincerely doesn’t do any kind of drug and drinks neither is a natural talent who always get his lines right, not just only on his tracks, but even when featured.

GOOD QUALITY BEATS and PUBLICITY: Olamide” doesn’t joke with these. He is always very careful about the beat he spits on. Why won’t he, haven started with the beat genius “ID Cabasa”. Although very intelligent with words, rhymes and all, he doesn’t take his friends for fools by delivering on whack beats. This dude as far as I know is almost a perfectionist with beats, ask “H-Code”.  Olamide” also doesn’t joke with his publicity. Even with his busy schedule, he always endeavours to communicate with his friends, any chance he gets.

All well said, “Olamide” is a successful young talent to be looked up to by new arrivals and upcoming acts as he got what is takes to always remain in the music factory. This epistle which takes into focus, young successful talented artistes will next time divulge about why another young dude “name withheld” has sustained in the industry. For now, from Wale Applause, I’ll again talk to you.

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