[email protected],

The Music factory,

Nigeria Entertainment Industry.

Dear Artiste,

How are you doing and I hope you’re having a good time at this chosen career of yours? I’m Wale Applause, a good friend and colleague in the entertainment industry whom you could have met before or will wanna meet after reading this note.

Although I do not and cannot sing, I sincerely appreciate your God’s given talents which I hope pay off well soon. Music as we all know has got different meanings to different people. Some say it’s a way of life, some find fulfillment just listening to it, but to you its BIG business. It one day should put food on your table [only if your cards are right].

My writing time is limited so I’ll just have to take this bull by the horns. I’ve got few things to talk to you about and I’ll start by asking you to take a few minutes out to reminisce over yourself and your kinda music. Do you really wanna do this? It disgusts me when you walk up to me to listen to a song; one u did for ‘fun’ in the studio. Who does that? As an upcoming artiste, you don’t make music for fun. You make music to make a hit and to someday give you the cheddah. Stop going around asking peeps to listen to your ‘fun song’ cos you do not believe in your song. If you don’t believe a song or you know it doesn’t depict you, discard it!

Secondly, its intentional that I’m calling you an upcoming artiste, that’s cos for now, that is all you are. You ain’t full-fledged yet. As harsh as this might sound, you are nothing but an ‘upcoming’ so be humble. Treat the music factory like your secondary school, respect the seniors. You got that price to pay. Made artistes, even though a couple of them have grown wings now, at this point you are in their careers won’t have made it if they were proud. I’ll suggest you learn about humility from the likes of Rugged man and 2face Idibia. Pride goes before every fall my friend.

My dear, it hurts so deep when I listen to good lyrics and voice on a wacky beat, produced in a 2inch studio. It makes me sad that you wasting talents. Please you do not need many tracks to make a hit, put all your resources together, visit a reputable producer in a good studio, go ahead make your good song and let God make it a hit.

Women, money, good life, wines, shayo and all that, I’m real sick and tired of hearing all these in your songs. There are a lotta other stuffs to be talked about. Look around you, there are several things people wanna hear about. I know u just want to fit it, but why not rather stand out.

The fake life syndrome which is eating up into the factory shouldn’t get to you. Stop the fake life. It’s understandable that you think peeps expect a lot from you, flash cars, nice wears and all dat, but mhen! Rome wasn’t built in a day. If u aint got it, you haven’t. Just live your life, let other things fall in place. Remember not all dads will be Davidos.

Prolly you never heard this before, good music doesn’t guarantee you a hit, but I can assure you that good publicity does. Even bad goods make great sales with good labels. Please do not joke with your publicity and public image. A manger differs from a publicist, but a good one could combine both. Employ professionals to do your artiste management and publicity job for you.

Enough said, I’ll conclude by warning you about moderations. When it comes to women, weed (I know you do it), wine and events, know your limits. You don’t have to be at all events. Just be where u ‘need’ to be.

About women, I got little to say, but I’ll rather share with you familiar examples such as Adam and Samson of the holy bible, Abacha will also bear me witness to that. Remember, ladies must have flocked around Eddie remedy and Azadus at some time in their career, I guess if you ask them now, they know better.

I know that after reading this letter, you will want to get in touch with me, that is why I did not forget to write my address on the top right corner of this letter.

Do have a great career my friend.


Yours faithfully,

Wale Applause

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