I took my time to surf the web, looked through almost all reputable Nigerian websites just to do this article. Although the music scene is now real crowded, but a few new arrivals have stood out. Not at the peak of their respective careers though, these young dudes are to be watched out for. They do quality music, got classic videos and the looks to go with it. These dudes have made a few front pages.

7.            FLOWSSICK:Flowssick | AceWorldTeam.com

This young dude came into the industry with his hit track “LOW KEY”. The video to this song is splendid. From the beat to the lyrics, this track has got it. The success of the original version forced him to do a remix which did not do badly either. Flowssick only needs to drop another single to convince his fans that he’s got what it takes, but sincerely from what we’ve got on ground already, I give it to Flowssick.

6.            Mr. BlendMr. Blend | AceWorldTeam.com

I’m sure a lotta peeps haven’t seen or heard from this young talent. My snooping around only gave me the advantage to listen to his “IBADI ARAN” track which stayed glue in my head for a while, but I only think his publicity is wanting. Mr. Blend has got the looks, lyrics, and the voice. He was also featured by Gee 4 on “Omo toh badt”, a song which is doing well commercially at the moment. His delivery on beat astonishes. If he keeps up his trend and tempo, I’m sure someday soon no hit list will go on without him.

Morell | AceWorldTeam.com

5.            MORELL

This young man whose latest want is “Oxygen” also got what it takes to be conquering the Nigeria music factory. His tenacity and persistency is paying off as he’s got about 5 tracks on air and a couple of classic videos to go with them. He is another class act to watch out for. He’s got style and talents. His body movement in music videos shows a lotta experience. Morell is a talent; I think we only need time to tell.

4.            DEMMY BLAZE

Demmy Blaze | AceWorldTeam.com

The first time I heard his “Be My Girl” song on radio, I sincerely did not know his name, but as luck will have it, just a few days after I saw the video on Soundcity TV. With a little more persistence, this dude has come to stay. His “Be My Girl” song for an introduction hasn’t done badly commercially reaching top 5 downloads on several websites just after a few days of release. Demmy Blaze of “Self-Made Entertainment” is one young man we should all look forward to.

3.            MAY DMay D | AceWorldTeam.com

It was a cold night the first time I heard “Soundtrack”, so the song communicated to me well. The video is breath taking and got me glued to my screen. Signed on to “Square Records” of the world famous “P-Square”, May D is in good competition with other arrivals. His verse on the record breaking “Chop My Money” by P-Square featuring Akon speaks for itself, and shows dynamism. “Ile Ijo”, “You Want To Know Me”, and “Got Me High” are songs that tell music lovers to save up as his album might end up being a scarce commodity when it drops.

G4 | AceWorldTeam.com

2.            GEE 4

Egbeyemi Gbenga a.k.a Gee 4 made several soft sell magazines in 2009, that was the first time I heard of him. I had literarily forgotten about him for a while until I saw his “Omo toh Badt” video on several sites online. It also did not take me long before I saw in on Soundcity Tv. This video swept me off my feet. It’s in a class for made artistes. Great location, little footage, shot and edited with the best of equipment. His other single “Je Ko Bounce” is another club banger. I must say that haven been silent for a while; Gee 4’s new reappearance hasn’t disappointed me.

1.            JAY MARCUS Jay Marcus | AceWorldTeam.com

The first song I heard from him was the cover to Chris Brown’s “Deuces”. I asked myself, who is this guy? It did not take me long to get an answer to my question when I heard his “Nigboro” song. I haven’t heard anything that deep for the streets in a long time. The lyrics, the beat, and the delivery, that was too much for a new arrival. I have also heard a couple of more tracks from him. “Take me Back”, “My Girl” and his cover to Fela Anikulapo’s “Palava” instrumental. I was also lucky to find his un-promoted “Nigboro” video somewhere on Youtube. In my candid opinion, a lot is to be expected from this young man.


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