FROM WHERE I STAND …writt’n by Ray

FROM WHERE I STAND ...writt'n by Ray Artwork |

From where I stand, the human race has lost it’s humanity
The truth is a scarce commodity, condemned originality
Religious differences even when both sides never quit preaching love
Spiritual disease they are sick of
Fight for Soul freedom with the Holy Books not boxing gloves.

Where I stand, the government is scandalous
Poor, deceitful, corny, exploitation-oriented, nepotism, malfeasants
Full of big bellies and selfish mouths
From every corner West, East, North and the South
Equality of the citizens matters not because the people in control use the media to give multiple and endless gibberish.

From where I stand, disappointment is all I see
Beliefs and facts is a major plot twist disturbing shallow minded earthlings
Disputing gradually resulting to war and killing of innocents
Juvenile delinquency committed and still walk free with less-worrying scent.

Where I stand, the Internet is the ring of world revolution
Every solution search through but more demolition to the youths
Feeds from blogs: lies (useful or valueless), less truth
Exposure to various mind disease: porn, art, fraudsters, cyber-scams, invasion of privacy
But yet the best bet for information.

From where I stand, addiction to drugs and alcoholics
The order of the day: syrups and soul-lifting tonics
Elated state is the fantasy, replacement of whatever loss or depression
A temporary cure: weed and cigarettes not missing
The destruction of health can’t be overemphasised; turn to a corner, the match and stick still works the magic.

Where I stand has no solid foundation but some many wrongs can be right starting from taking a bold step
Everyone tracing back their roots with a faithful and hope-filled, strong stem
Dedication of time to useful knowledge search
Eradicate corruption starting from the streets full of wandering youths endangering the generation
Clergymen with genuine purpose not acting as power figure
I employ we all to open our eyes now.

writt’n by: Ray
Twitter: @Adore_ray