BLISSFUL SANITY …writt’n by Ray

BLISSFUL SANITY ...writt'n by Ray Artwork |

Even if I walk through this path repeatedly
Just to erase this agonizing memory conveniently
Hoping one day I would say confidently
That I’m free from my worries permanently

I know it ain’t gon’ happen
Can anyone ever be free from one worry or the other?
Naa, shii ain’t gon happen
These days, pops is really doubting my existence
I care less and live life like there’s nobody in it

He knew not of the things in this world that has damaged me

How love banished me

Regrets diminished me

My thoughts are no more of this realm
Sometimes I try to fake smiles
For it is easy to deceive, if not all earthlings
Sometimes my calmness fights me
Begging me to show little rebelliousness
So knowing calmness invites lots of bullshit
Sometimes I wanna be quarantined, sequestered away from others
Sometimes I want nothing b’cause having everything makes you want more
Most times I want it all … And need ’em not

Waging war against my own demons
I thought I was alone … Now I’m so sure I’m alone
Always thinking
Thought so deep even Marianas would feel competition
Knowing it gives me no relief; that’s my tribulation

Even with all this thoughts
I still wake up every morning
Offer prayers, hope for a blissful day, smile and show little sanity