Efa & Bigfoot [of Micworx] – #SEPTEMBER

Efa & Bigfoot [of Micworx] - #SEPTEMBER Artwork | AceWorldTeam.com

Efa & Bigfoot [of Micworx] - #SEPTEMBER Artwork | AceWorldTeam.com

There’s a precious little to be said about the song “#September,” even the birth-fathers of the song, Efa and Bigfoot [of Micworx], have been cryptic about the song, it’s purpose and inspiration; they deliberately declined to make any comments of it.

It is a song that raises more questions than it answers. Everything about it speaks volumes about deeply introspective paths that Efa seems to be taking; on 1st listen, it quickly strikes personal chords that resonate somewhere deep, causing a listener to ponder themes of loss and new life. It reminds one of tepid tea and sad memories. It is a piece of art hard to pin down with a description, and the appreciation and judgement is left to each individual listener; “#September” is a production effort of Bigfoot [of Micworx]. | ENJOY!!!