It is time once again, as we stand on the brink of a New Year, to look back on our accomplishments of the past and look forward to the challenges of the future; as always, the New Year brings great promise and opens the door to new possibilities for each and everyone of us, including the Nigerian music industry, but it also is a time to pause and reflect on the past year. This past year has been one of great triumphs and great struggles; it birthed new breeds and even veterans kept to their roots. As each day goes by, the eyes of the music world turn increasingly toward the Nigerian music industry, with interest and with respect; we have accomplished great things but can achieve even more. Our struggles in the recent past have also been as mighty as our accomplishments; even as we emerge on the world scene, we continue fight for respect and recognition. So many fought for their territory this past year, in a war from which some emerged triumphant; many more would and should have but were misguided.

The future will bring great trials and greater possibilities; the AceWorldTEAM struggle is always the one of the tiny against the mighty. The Nigerian music industry boasts of a physical size which can be an advantage in a world of giant nations; we can focus on developing our national quality in a bid to put us out there on the world map the way we ought to be represented. The brewing freedom has allowed the AceWorldTEAM to excel and lead the way in a musical world that’s constantly abused and wrongly managed; this is only a bit of what is to come as the team is set to have another prosperous year, all thanks to our loyal and dedicated visitors, the clients we have worked with and all those who have and continue to preach the word in one way or another. I have great confidence that this excellence will continue to shine through in all that we do; as we enter this 2nd year of our existence, life in world of the Nigerian music industry only gets better each day. Our achievements have made people gain strong confidence in the services we provide; as always, I stand before all those who have stuck with me through the struggle and continue to thank you non-ending. Your concerns are my own and your needs and wants are AceWorldTEAM‘s primary goal; there is no challenge that we cannot meet together. I never cease to be proud of the Nigerian music industry and the people who make it a whole but I do believe that there is more to be done and we can only work together as one to see a brighter future. AceWorldTEAM says thank you and wishes you all a prosperous 2014 ahead.

God Bless You.
DJ Sean for AceWorldTEAM

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