ibrandnaija – F**KING PROBLEM [Naija Parody]


Naija is not slowing down at all! Recently I have been bombarded by ingenious music, films, video clips by YouTubers and I’ve got to admit there are so many talented Nigerians out there. We have so much to be shameful for if you read the news and violent crimes taking place but its the little things like this that make me forget all of that and once again I’m proud to be Nigerian. *sniffs*

I came across this video on YouTube put together by a group called ibrandnaija [Joey, Louis & Babatunde]. This music video is a Nigerian parody of “F**king Problem“, which was originally “F**kin’ Problems” featuring Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar.

It might surprise you to know that they are a mix of Nigerian Taiwanese! I don’t know why I find that funny but I like it!

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Lyrics below.

Enjoy :D



I love Naija dishes na my only wahala
And yeah I brand Naija so wetin be your gbalabga (x3)
If finding naija dishes some na your only wahala
bring your plates to the crib maybe we go solve am.

Joey as A$AP

Hold am, give it to me now
Pounded yam and EGUSI that’s the NAIJA style
Roll that thing up like a table tennis ball
Oh madam madam madam ABEG put am pepper oOH
Hey! ibrandnaija best in the game
Never seen another joint better than this
All these other people wanna cook like this
Put the chilling in the food make you sweat like shit
Cause I’m the eater, the bigger eater, i eat your TOZO
getting fatter and drinking GULDER with my friend MUSA
rolling doobies I brought the catfish
they getting cooked up by the ABOKI
Love my spices, I finger lick it
They say NAIJA food make a ni#$a figure big
aleast my girls IKEBE big
Mama Naija’s food be finger licking good
Serve a nice dish out, tasty make you drool, brand

Louis as Drake

Ooh, you know I like it when the beat come oOH
Make you think about all of the dodo you DEY eat oOH
Make you think about all of the zobo you DEY drink oOH
Got a feelin ‘na the same food that we speakin’ of, Ahah?
Aint’t heard of EWA! What you feeding on?
You should bring the garri out and have a freakin ‘drink-Along
Ain’t no freakin’ drink-along”unless you brought the spoon along
Water.. (Hah! ABEG wait ) Water
Wash hands and put the eagles on
So we could stir this GARRI up and get our drinkin on
All the food we talkin about is not a bad concussion
I don’t pray to make it blow up, I don’t pray for no explosion
If it’s comin’ from my bottom I don’t know, then I cant stop it
If it’s comin’ then its comin’ , then my brother get to runnin’
Oh God! I don’t really know what happened. But this beans wey I eat just dey make my belle sing o I brand

Babatunde as Kendrick Lamar

Yes Oh, this the Finale
Pounded yam now inside my belly
Say she hate the food, but we see her shayo garri now
Dancing Alanta, then she dey go back to Cali, mmm
got pomo in my hand, shaki in my hand
The irony i chop am with no damn hand
She eyeing me like say Suya no dey sweet
Girl, I know you want that stick
Girl, I’m Babatunde
AKA baba no be only today
That means no cutleries na only hand be the way
See my standards are pampered by three plates per day, mmm
Grill am all, fried turkies in the highway
Don’t get involved, listen what the master chef say
Alibaba, Allahhuhakbar
Yalla yalla, i’ll chop ya brand

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