My Oscar Moment


The 85th Academy Awards - Press Room - Los Angeles

Watching highlights from the Oscar‘s which took place last night, it pleased me to see my favourite movies and actors receiving awards. Anne Hathaway‘s performance in “Les Miserables“, Argo winning Best Film was deserving. First Lady, Michelle Obama looked so beautiful by the way.

The award that made me smile though was hearing the name of Daniel Day-Lewis called out for Best Actor for his role as President Abraham Lincoln, in the movie “Lincoln“! This is the 3rd time he’s winning an award in this category and nominated thrice for the same category. Daniel has amazed me ever since I watched him in a film when I was much younger [can’t recall the title] then I watched him in “Gangs of New York” and I fell in love. This is an actor who knows how to pick a role and its so obvious how hard he works to be in character. I once read in an article that he carries out a lot of personal research to play his roles, staying in character throughout his shoot, even at the risk of his health. I hope he doesn’t end up like Heath Ledger, but why I think that will never happen is because he takes time off, away from the industry to be with his wife and 3 kids. I think that is his balance and I admire him for that. Daniel Day-Lewis acts once in 5 years but know that that film will be epic. I’ll be silly to miss out on any of his films, I just hope he gives me a dozen more before he calls it quits. I can’t imagine Hollywood without actors like Daniel Day-Lewis. He’s a living legend!

Another actor that I know to work hard to stay in character is Viggo Mortensen [Aragorn from “LODR“]. He prefers the theatre to mainstream movies and the only reason he played Aragorn was because his son begged him to, hahaha!

Do you see a pattern here? Its the best of these actors that stay away from the limelight and spend more time honing their skills. I like being reminded of these people because it helps me stay grounded and aware that personal fulfillment is much better than cheap publicity. The reward speak for itself!

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