The Anonymous Writer(Part3)


I am more than encouraged when am able to Sigh! It relieves me of the stress of life that I face every day. Maybe one day I would stop hiding behind my fears and actually publish this, I don’t know if it would be a good idea though, My mother never encouraged anything outside my studies but I remember that ever since I was little, I would scribble down some crazy story with a broomstick man and woman in it. I would paint their clothes with a red pen and draw them with a blue pen, my Mom would pick this up, read it and call it ‘watery’ to her this meant it had no value but I couldn’t just stop, I found myself still buying free notes and feeling them up with various stories from my very young imagination, then I was still around 9, I loved reading books and as I grew older I feel in love with novels, they were my pride and joy and then the unthinkable happened 2 years ago, I sat down and began to write, words that I didn’t even understand and the unshakable feeling of imagination. Connecting man and woman to the ever wandering love. It was a beautiful experience and it was the stepping stone I needed for my proud moment in writing. If this art stays hidden in this computer as a software copy I wouldn’t be surprised, I would only be surprised if I actually print them all out and publish it, they say ideas die with people in their graves, well I don’t want my case to be like that. I am taking a stand for me, myself and I.



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