Hi people, I know you missed me! Don’t even try to pretend you didn’t! Whatever, I’m here now. I have been thinking about this article for a very long time and wondering how I would write it but thank God, I found the answer.

When will we have enough? Enough of the weeping, the pain, the killings, the corruption and the incompetence of the government of today? When will we be tired of mass burials? When will we be tired of promises by our leaders and none coming true? When will we be tired of shouting “UP NEPA”? When will we be tired of worrying about how to afford the fuel price? When?

When will we be tired of wanting to know the every move of our relatives just because we are scared they would lose their lives? When will we be tired of trying to subsidise everything just because of fuel price? When will constant electricity become a custom and trademark in Nigeria? When will we be able to cruise the roads of Lagos without any trace of traffic around? When will 22 year old planes stop flying? When will dust-bin music be erased from our airwaves? When?

It’s not about tweeting, or going on Facebook or sitting at home pouring our anger on the people around us, because the people around us are not the government, neither are our followers and neither are our Facebook friends. It is time for us to take action.

“Enough is Enough”.

Nigeria needs to light up. Age has nothing to do with this. No matter the age, everyone can contribute in their own way. One man cannot change the world like my musical father “Efa” would say, and we all know he is right but it doesn’t mean different men trying in their own ways won’t change the world. We have to stand up so Nigeria can light up. Every other place we go to, we would be treated as second class citizens except in Nigeria because Nigeria is our only home. They can’t fight us down because we practice democracy. This is a government of the people, for the people and by the people. This simply means that who ever occupies a seat of power is one of us, installed by us and installed for us. This also means that whoever occupies a seat of power has a duty of service to the people. Whether the enemies of this country like it or not, we have to stand up for the truth without fear of intimidation unless they will continue to use as their puppets.

We all want a place where you can go around without worries. We all want an accountable account so that we will know where the hard earned taxes are going to. We all want to get our destinations in little time because of lack of traffic. We all want jobs with good salaries so we can get all the good things of life. How can we continue to fold our arms while a man without his senses continues to order us about and change the names of our country’s landmarks in the twinkle of an eye? How can an economic summit hold with all sorts of dignitaries present and yet proper electricity cannot be provided? We cannot continue this way. People are dying everyday like chickens and all our leader can think of is to change the name of a formidable university like “University of Lagos“, and he has not been impeached? What in heavens name are senators paid for then?

I’m highly irritated by the lackadaisical attitude of our leaders considering what the masses are going through. Things have to change and if the government won’t do something, who will do it for us except us? If deep inside you have had enough, you will understand me.

The Dana crash took a lot of important and promising people away from the face of the earth because of the government’s carelessness. This could have prevented if only the government could have an iota of care for the masses. I lost four people in that crash so believe me, I felt it. Will you wait till you feel it before you know you have had enough? How will a 22 year old plane be allowed to fly? What arrant nonsense! When I write articles, I don’t just write anything, I write according to my heart so this should show you that this comes from my heart.

We are humans and have rights and it is time we fight for these rights! If you have questions or suggestions, leave a comment here, mail [email protected] or tweet @RapDivaOfficial. Be good and stay good.

Yours Truly


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