Well, considering the fact that I’m new to AceWorldTeam, I will introduce myself to all of you. My name is “Faith Anyaoha“, a 17-yr old rapper who just says her mind. I happen to be a little blunt but believe me, it’s for the best.

Moving to the issue of the day; as an artiste especially or even as a normal individual, the things you say have a vast effect. You might think you have heard this before but believe me, the more it is repeated, the faster it sticks to people’s manner of operation. What even amazes me nowadays is the fact that it is the upcoming artists that are insulting and saying ridiculous things about artistes that are on the higher part of the ladder.

There is an adage that is being repeated everytime – “The world is a small place“. Forget the expanse of land, don’t let it decieve you. It’s a small word in the sense that God created this world in a way that you meet a human being more than once or definitely, need them in one way or another. If I were you, I’d think before saying things.

It’s sad how things people said have put them in bigger trouble than they have imagined because they have failed to bridle their tongue. If we self-search ourselves, you will discover that we have involved ourselves in issues that we shouldn’t have gotten into. I can bet on my life that I am right.

Especially artistes; you don’t go around saying rubbish about artistes because you never know when your tables might turn. Your talent might take you to a high level but only your behaviour, speech and conduct can make you remain there, believe me. You might think you are having the fun of your life, running other people down just to create space for your reign but believe me you are pulling your own strings.

One more thing, always respect your fans. People who buy your CD, promote your songs and hype you when they don’t know you or are not being paid for it are not only your fans but are your friends. You should respect them because you don’t know who the fan you insult or disrespect might be connected to. You will be amazed how a little hole can sink a big ship. It’s not something you get away with so you need to be very careful.

In conclusion, think before you talk because your statements can cost you a whole lot. Be good and stay good.

Yours Truly,

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