10 Minutes With OZONE … by Edward Fortune

10Minutes With OZONE ... by Edward Fortune Artwork | AceWorldTeam.com

10Minutes With OZONE ... by Edward Fortune Artwork | AceWorldTeam.com

He’s known to many as the “King Of The Street” when it comes to Street Promotions; he has all the media houses locked down both home and away. Born into a very humble family, he’s a living proof that once your pursue your passion, money and success would come running after you; seen from afar, you would literally be seeing a very arrogant and rugged n***a who is no different from the ordinary man you meet on the street, but a close range conversation drains all those first-time thoughts because all you would get is a down-to-earth man who came to this world to fulfill destiny and also make life easy for people who seem to have either lost their way in the entertainment industry or are trying to find their way. He knows his onions and knows where to put his money and his mouth; a lover of God and someone that just doesn’t fail to redefine his personality each new day that breaks.
I had a chat with Honourable Ozone a.k.a TipsyFada for it was very inspiring…

10 Minutes With OZONE … by Edward Fortune

Q: First and foremost, everyone seems to be claiming #street. What exactly does #street mean?
A: Street is where we hustle everyday and night for survival and you know what it means to hustle and survive in the street everyday. Well if everybody is claiming to hustle from the street, believe they are right but we have our own different definition of street hustle – you can ask Olamide about street hustle and he will give you a perfect answer but DavidO can’t.

Q: So far, you have been a part of the growth of notable artistes, how did it all start?
A: It started out of my passion to help people even from my childhood, I used to be of help to anybody that need help and from then on I developed interest in the Nigerian entertainment industry with special focus in music. As time went by, I found out that these guys can really make it without proper promotions and marketing, then I started using my links at Alaba market to promote them – you know Alaba was very lucrative then. So far so good, that’s how we started but it wasn’t easy though. We thank God today.

Q: Artistes you have worked with?
A: We are called #TeamStreet because we have worked for most of the known Nigerian musicians today in the streets; they felt our impact that’s why they respect us today. From Olamide, Terry G, Durella, Iyanya, KCee, YQ, Chuddy K, Skales, Jahborne, Tipsy, D’Tee, Jaywon, Slim Joe … The list is endless, though we are still striving to be there.

Q: What would you say makes a good PR and show promoter?
A: What makes a good PR nd a show promoter is connections. You must have all the necessary contacts; you must know people and people must know you very well and finally you must always be creative.

Q: Who is Ozone?
A: Hmmm. My real names are Nwuruku Ozor Alex; my friends started calling me Ozone because they couldn’t pronounce my Igbo names very well. I am from Ebonyi state, in my mid 30‘s and I’m the Founder & C.E.O of 03Media Entertainment, a Talent Management & Promotional Company; I’m also proud to represent #TeamStreet.

Q: Which of the artistes would you say paved the way for you?
A: Hmmm, very hard question because every artiste we worked for came with their own challenges that paved positive ways for me, but I think the artiste that people mostly refer me with is Terry G because we have special chemistry that works with us; we are always like brothers, like father and son or like elder brother and younger brother. Yet, he is the most difficult person to work with.

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Q: Being a Street Lord, how profitable has it been?
A: Omo, you know street is always busy and yet nobody leaves anything for the street, we thank God for everything. We are not complaining and we really appreciate God’s miracles because we started from a zero ground to an office – we bless God, my brother.

Q: What does it takes to have Ozone on a task?
A: It takes ur humility, creativity, dedication and above all, the fear of God for you to have me on a task. Money is not everything to me though I believe money motivates; passion is just the drive.

Q: Which artistes are you yet to work with and you would really want to?
A: I believe in discovering fresh talents, I don’t believe in known stars – I like building unknown talent to become a top celebrity. I don’t look up to the known names, that’s why I am presently pushing an upcoming artist called D’Tee – watch out for him like #Kilode.

Q: Over the years, you have built the name, how has the hustle been so far?
A: As I said earlier, we thank God today because I remember how we started from nothing, when I used to trek from Surulere to Alaba Int’l to promote some artistes then, how I used to come back home without money to eat food and I will still have the urge to do more even though I had all the opportunity to be doing other lucrative business with my brothers who where not in support of me wasting my time in entertainment business. It wasn’t easy bro but we thank God that kept us till date.

Q: Life as Ozone, describe it in 3 words.
A: God first, God again then money. Without God, Ozone is nothing.

Q: What’s next for Ozone having worked with the who is who in the industry already?
A: My life is entertainment, developing and marketing talents is my passion. I will keep doing what I have passion for till another opportunity comes.

Q: Words on the street is that Terry G sacked you. How true is it?
A: Terry G sacked me? LWKMD. Unbelievable. That we are not in a working relationship doesn’t me he sacked me; I took the decision for us not to work together again, it’s my personal decision and not even his because I was giving him all the packages he needed then. Anyways let’s leave that issue for another day bro.

Q: Which artiste or promo job would you say was the most challenging?
A: Terry G, because he is the most misunderstood person in this business; I keep convincing clients and press people that he is not really what people think he is – I think Terry G is a nice guy but he is surrounded by bad people who are always scared to tell him the truth.