Well, I’m very particular about this topic because it is a thorn that has being pricking me for long. It has irritated me to the extreme and I said today as usual, I will do it the blunt way. I am holding this beef with some artistes because of the kind of rubbish I have been hearing from them. I won’t say who they are for reasons best known to me but now when I hear a radio presenter mention their names, I just change the station. It is fine to sing about what you want but do it in a way that we will be glad you chose to sing not in a way that we would want to stone you to death.

One beautiful afternoon, I was in a taxi on my way to a get together with my friends. The taxi driver switched on the radio. As one who is eager to listen to talented upcoming artistes, the radio presenter announced the song and I’m saying to myself, “Ok, show me what you got”! This funny artiste [I can’t remember his name] started and the hook went this way: “Pinging madness o, oh, pinging madness o, eh” which he repeated four times. I almost went mad because I was enraged at the whole song! The beat sounded like a little boy playing with stainless plates, his voice was like an old widow crying, my God, I told the taxi driver to switch off the radio. I just picked my phone and started playing “Ghetto” by my favourite producer, “Sholextimbo“; if you don’t know him, Google him. That was just the solace I needed, good music!

It is really sad that these songs go on the radio on top websites and next thing we hear the video is out and probably when the song does not blow, they start crying. Music is a creative weapon that is limited in stock because few have it. The fact that people are doing music and making money doesn’t mean it is meant for you. There are other vocations or careers for you to get into. Find your passion or else you will waste your resources and you will regret it. It really annoys me when I hear such rubbish on TV and radio.

My team [AceWorldTeam] is doing their best to ensure that only good music comes on this platform and that is what other platforms should do. I must agree that the musical industry is a very beautiful garden but there are still weeds growing and they need to be uprooted. This is the only way Nigeria can measure up with the rest of the world or else we are not moving an inch.

In essence, it is time we say “NO TO DUST-BIN MUSIC” because we have had enough of people jonzing publicly by calling themselves artistes. If you have any questions or anything you want to say to me, you can leave a comment, tweet @RapDivaOfficial or mail me: rapdivaofficial@aceworldteam.com. Be good and stay good!

Yours Truly


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