[#ACE_ ARTICLES] Ego “OMALICHA” parts ways with QuestionMark Entertainment, changes name to “SAFARIE”


Safarie | AceWorldTeam.com

Ego Omalicha“, formerly known as the first lady of “Questionmark Entertainment” has decided to take a walk from the label, and is now officially known as “SAFARIE“.

She broke into the music scene as “Ego” and scored back hits with the tracks “Omalicha“, “Omalicha Nwa Remix” and “Thinking About You“, as an artist signed on to “Questionmark

She has parted ways with the label and her agreement was terminated agreeably following conflicts over her image, brand and style of music.

The artist and label couldn’t agree on her image and creative differences, and after a long while it was mutually agreed that her contract be terminated.

Below is an exclusive slideshow showing pictures of the now-to-be-known “Safarie“.

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