Mehanim – ADDICTION [Lyrics Included]

Mehanim - ADDICTION Artwork |

Mehanim - ADDICTION Artwork |

People struggle with addictions everyday; ever struggled with one? Are you still struggling with some? There’s good news – you can break free from it all.

Here is a brand new track from a 17 year old rapper who raps with the wisdom of a sage, way beyond his age; he also raps with such mastery and impeccable delivery that clearly defies his age. Mehanim is not new to music; he’s been recording songs as far back as when he was 14 years old. Mehanim is passionate about Christ, it shows in his music; he is passionate about reaching teens and older people with the gospel. His uncanny delivery and dedication to recording songs that are above average have earned him a place in the hearts of those who listen to him and yes, it has gotten him invited to minister on several platforms and courted by some platforms that wants to sign him up; going further with the gospel is what’s on this young rapper’s mind. He previously released a song titled “Suicide,” and today, we officially unveil Mehanim‘s brand new and very much awaited single, “Addiction.” | ENJOY!!!

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Verse 1
Men I’m not as pure as the Vatican
But is sin only for Africans?
I thought Holiness is non-partisan
I’m tryna get to God, but I’m a manikin.
Getting high on Heineken
Girl in room, eyes frolicking
My mind dirty, my eyes dirty
She’s feeling cold, she need a cardigan
Not Again! Not Again!
Men who can make me whole again?
I was holy, now I’m a holigan
A holigan?
Flesh in control again
And I’m tryna find ways to comfort me
Cos whenever I quit one consciously, some others grab spears and they come for me!

We’ve got struggles, we’ve got pain
If we behold the lamb slain
And the promises He made
I swear He’ll wipe every stain
He’ll break every chain: there’s remedy in the scriptures
All these are but light afflictions
God can deal with Addictions!

Verse 2
Sin is a trending topic
I’m tryna find ways to top it
#‎YOLO [You Only Live Once]’s a harshtag [hashtag]
Cos I’m freaking scared of the trumpet
So I’m tryna find ways to stop it
Found salvation, so I thumbprint
I found Romans 5:17: I quit tryna Donald Trump it
‘Cos it’s FREE-ly given!
All I got to do was unlock the ribbon
By believing, I’m forgiven
And I got hope that the Son [Sun] is risen
And I hold God by the word in 2 Conrinthians 5:17 that says,
…You know what I mean!


Oh you know
People struggling with Addictions everyday
But sin aint got dominion over you: ‘Cos His strength is made perfect in your weaknesses.
‘Cos you can’t do it on your own
Let God, Let God take control
Are you moving in circles?
He can make you whole [hole]
Make you whole.