VideoHitShow – New York Film Academy [SKIT COMPETITION + Win $3,000]

VideoHitShow Skit Competition Artwork |

VideoHitShow Skit Competition Artwork |

Team VHS and NYFA [New York Film Academy] present a Skit Competition to all aspiring actors and film-makers; the VHS 2 NYFA Skit Competition offers an opportunity for amateur actors/film-makers to create their own special VHS Skit for a chance to win the following prizes…

• Full Scholarship to NYFA [New York Film Academy]; 1 week Film-making/Acting course in South Beach, Miami.
• Cash prize of $3,000

Interested participants are expected to:

. Subscribe to VHS at VideoHitShow or click the RED Youtube subscribe button on VideoHitShow Website
. Shoot a 35 minute funny video.
. Upload your video to VideoHitShow Website only.
. Promote your video on Youtube to hit maximum views. [The first video to hit 25,000 likes will activate a $3,000 cash prize].

Deadline for entry is 31st May 2014.

VHS Skits are judged on story-line, creativity, humor and total number of Youtube likes; all video entry content including sound tracks must be original content owned by the content producer or Youtube licensed audio – so if you’re feeling like an actor or film-maker taking shots at NYFA South Beach, Miami, then this is the best opportunity for you.


1. How do I enter the competition?
Simply subscribe to VHS Channel by clicking the subscribe button on VideoHitShow Website. Then upload your video by clicking the submit button. You will receive an e-mail when your video is approved for entry into the competition.

2. Who is eligible for the competition?
Anybody with a passion for film-making can enter the competition. You don’t have to be a professional, so long as you have a story to tell and you can put the story in a 35 minute skit, then you are eligible to enter.

3. What format should I record my video on?
You can shoot your VHS skits with your phones or digital cameras and upload in any of the formats accepted by Youtube – .mp4 is still the best format so far.

4. Where will my video appear?
All approved VHS Skits entries will appear on the VHS 2 NYFA playlist on VideoHitShow, also on VideoHitShow Website

5. How do I win the NYFA scholarship?
All entries will be judged by a panel of film-makers based on story-line, humour and creativity. The best video entry according to these criteria will be selected as the winner of the NYFA Scholarship.

6. How do I win the $3,000 cash prize?
All video entries are expected to promote their videos by copying the Youtube link and sharing within social networks. The first video to hit 25,000 “Youtube Likes” will automatically activate the $3,000 cash prize. At the end of the competition, the video with the highest “Likes” will win the $3,000 cash prize.

7. Is it possible to win the NYFA scholarship and the cash prize?
Yes, it is possible to win both the scholarship and the cash prize by simply meeting the criteria for both prizes i.e. your video is adjudged the best video based on story-line, humour and creativity and your video also has the highest amount of Youtube Likes.

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