Three Suspects, Two Gunshots, One Murder. The Unvieling Story Of Mr Peppers Death And It’s Twisted Investigation. Enjoy











Mr Peppers younger brother Reynold had been in the house and had called the police when he saw his brother lyng dead on the floor. The police had interrogated Reynold and were almost about releasing him off to go home and grieve over his dead brother when Reynold said somethng that made the police change their mind. He had been asked if he had a gun and he gave an affirmative reply, he told the policemen that the gun was in the backseat of his pick up truck parked infront of the house. When some members of police got to his car they found his gun in plain site. Suspecting that Reynolds had somethng to do wth his brothers death, they drove him to the station for more questoning.
     At the station, they asked hm series of questions. For one, how would he have been at hs brothers house and not have heard the gunshots to his elderly brother and reynolds smply stated that he was a deep sleeper. They then tested hs  gun to see if it matched the bullets fired into Mr Pepper’s body and the test results came out negatve, they also proceeded to collect DNA from Reynolds fingers, but with no solid evidence to keep Reynold arrsted they let him go.

The detectives were about giving up on the case when Mr Peppers son, Pepper jnr entered into the police station and started asking violently for the arrest of the brutal murderer but when they brought in Pepper jnr for questionng, the way he referred to his father was suspicious and he didnt even look like someone who was in the grievng state. He looked calm, too calm. When asked for what had happened, he narrated that he had gone to hs fathers house and seen his father shot and immediately ran home to grab his pistol and protect himself. When asked for where the gun could be, he then brought it out from a side of hs trousers which atrtled the police a little bit. When they ran tests on the gun they found out that it wwas an exact match with the bullet shot into Pepper Snr’s side. But wth no hard evidence that Pepper Jnr could have killed his father, they had to let him go but still kept close watch over him  and also took his DNA for further sampling for evidence which could trail the murder case to Jnr if need be. Jnr and Snr Pepper where not exactly close in that Pepper snr had forced Jnr into working for him and Jnr wanted out, to be independent, to be his own man but Snr didnt want that just yet. The police wondered if a son would want freedom and independence from his father so bad as to kill him to inherit his fortune. Jnr wasnt making himself look clean either as he had just recently bought a brand new expensive auto mobile and was seen at different clubs with different female prostitutes. The polce had some of the things needed to arrest Pepper jnr but where put on hold from the district atterny Parker who had been close friends with Pepper, to him this was a personal case that must be viewed from every angle.




  After a while the police gave up on the case temporarily but Parker didnt. During one of his investigations he noticed that his friend had a god son and then he was brought in for questioning. He denied even knowing that his god father had been shot in cold blood, but after a few more twisted questions by the police Drey was beginning to twist his stories and then the police knew something was up. He then sighed and said ‘He made me do it, he pointed a gun at me and made me fire the shot. His son made me do it’


But after enough background checks on Jnr  the police very well knew that Jnr had been on the phone all night. First, had gone to see his girlfriend and then after that they had both gone to a club to have fun till the night when he had entered into the police station so the police knew Drey was the killer. They rounded him up and took him into the court room where he got 25 years ti life imprisonment and when asked in a crime interview why he had done it he simply said ‘That old man never gave me a good car he always gave Jnr things so well even if he had a bad grade and I was always made to work had for stuff so i figured why not kill him but that was just a thought,when I was high one night my brain acted it out but I am not sorry in the least. He deserved to die’

My View On This:  Atimes I wish the dead could come alive and knock the heads of some people, am very sure everyone wouda been seating straight by now. Bless and Always Be watchful not everybody likes you.. Be inspired. Bless..


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