Cool or Not Cool?


Dating a guy for a while and you feel there is nothing wrong in leaving your stuffs at his. I mean if you cook for him , help out with his laundry, keep his house tidy and you spend some days at his then you can intentionally leave stuffs there or just forget an item at his.

Had a discussion with a male friend of mine on this subject and he seem to have different opinions and reasons on it . For instance if she intentionally leaves things like her dirty underwear laying around that’s UN- cool but on the other hand leaving a clean pair of her underwear behind somewhere only him would figure out with a naughty note to go with that now that’s UBER-COOL.

To be quite fair I would not want my man leaving his dirty boxers anywhere in my house either so I do understand where he is coming from.The discussion went a bit blurry when it came to deciding who can leave stuffs and who should leave or even forget stuffs at his. 

Mark ( Not real) has a girlfriend he loves dearly and they have been together for a year or more. He has a picture of them both on their anniversary night out ,all smiley and loved up which he displays on his reading table in his room. Now , Mark sees other girls (typical) and  sometimes they stay over at his when his girlfriend is out of town or busy somewhere else. This certain lady Mark cheats with probably thinks she is his only girlfriend so she feels she can leave stuffs at his. After spending the whole weekend at his he leaves for  work on a Monday morning leaving her behind as she would leave later in the day. So she decides to leave some stuffs behind in his closet. Mark gets home and notices this life is on her way to his.

What’s Mark reaction to this ?In place of Mark , how would you handle the situation?

Its ok to forget stuffs at your man’s , preferably something that isn’t embarrassing. Of course his reaction to this  would pretty much tell you your position in his Life.

Leaving something at his might not be the problem the real problem would be finding another lady’s stuff at his.