[#ACE_ PREMIERE] TL Swaggz – LOWKEY [Flowssick Cover]


TL Swaggz - Lowkey | AceWorldTeam.com

After doing justice to his “Dami Durocover, no one could think less about his lyrical depth and ability, and this rap wonder-kid has once again strolled in with another surprising package.

TL Swaggz” releases another cover from his anticipated “Mixfeeling Mix-tape” titled “Lowkey” [original song by Flowssick ft. Shank, K-Switch & Ice Prince].

This kid, “TL Swaggz“, popularly known for murdering of several instrumentals has once again been found guilty for the murder of Flowssick‘s “Lowkey” instrumental. Truth be told, this young lad might be threat to some Nigerian rappers if he stays focused, and of course, he is a plus to the Nigerian music industry. | ENJOY!!!

TL Swaggz – Lowkey [a Flowssick COVER]

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