[#ACE_ Premiere] Darey ft. Jozi ‘n’ Ice Prince – ASIKO


One year after releasing his double album – “Double Dare”, King of R’n’B – Darey Art Alade has released a smashing new cut – the first single from his forthcoming fifth album, titled “Asiko“. Darey’s new single is diverse in style, exciting in vocal delivery and generally super confident in theme, and the music giant recruits beloved South African group “Jozi” and acclaimed rapper “Ice Prince“, to deliver a material that would please fans across Africa and beyond.

Darey, a multiple award-winning singer-songwriter, regarded as king and pathfinder for the R’n’B genre in Africa, says “Asiko is Way ahead of my time; it is something fresh and futuristic”, “I am never scared of stretching my imagination. Africa is the future, and the world will know that through our music”. The new work, he says, is “a product of an unquenchable desire to make good music even better; and make happy fans even happier” – produced by Chocolate City’s “Jesse Jagz” and the Soul Muzik team, Asiko blends Pop, indigenous sounds and rap music to create a collaboration that would break music barriers and open a new vista in African music.


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