To Nigerian Music Blogs and Bloggers


I, Vendetta, the son of a humble Nigerian man is exceedingly glad to have a platform on which I can share my thoughts. AceWorldTEAM, I greet you in peace. Being the silent me, I spent the last couple of years studying the entertainment industry. The Nigerian entertainment industry to be precised. The stories, improvement, and [pardon my word] madness have been the source of my delight. As a Nigerian, it is expected from me to be curious. Curiosity kills the cat and lets the victim escape his cage. Bravo Nigeria! I applaud you. Your efforts are being recognized world wide. Make a toast with me, as I analyze you from the beginning to the end. I begin with bloggers.

Blogging was an entertaining “job” till late 2011. Nowadays, everyone has a blog. It is a pity indeed. Now the most hilarious thing in the blogging business is the competition. Originality is a lacking factor. I’ll applaud NotJustOk for being Nigeria’s number one music blog and setting the standards, first. I must say good job on the website. Apart from downloading songs without tags, from websites such as TayoTV and Date360, I’m yet to find the originality here. Competition is a game played by those who are  anxious to win the trophy. Enlighten me. What is the trophy to blogging that ye go ahead to shut each other’s websites down ? It’s fun for me as an observer. You seem like kids fighting for the last cookie. If you really do want to make your website/blog the best, let me be the one to discourage you. No matter how good you may be, some  other website out there  will be better than yours. That is an undisputed fact in the book of wisdom.

Professionalism is something that is nowhere to be found. Beloved, do not be fooled by this communication tool called internet. I am quite amazed at the lack of good sources when writing an article. Most of these celebrity fact or fiction stories, are expensive jokes.  Now a good journalist would know that a good story isn’t established at the expense of uncertainties. Get your facts straight  before putting up a story at the expense of someone’s career. I hereby refer to EME and the various websites that felt the need to talk before a statement was released and other few stories that made headlines and later on were said to not be true. Expressing your opinion is a gift, getting angry is human, while being ignorant is a curse.

Some of you do need to work on your templates. It is indeed becoming dull to my eyes. The dull colors are….dull.

Lest I forget, Date360 isn’t doing a bad job with the sexual articles they post.  At least we can all agree that underage adults read them. Who still respects age restrictions in this present generation of doom and dismay?  Speaking of that, I’m yet to find out why the creative stories I enjoyed on TayoTV till August 2012 are nowhere to be found. Troubles in paradise perhaps? I do miss that writer’s brilliance and creative mind. I laugh at how blogging has become the oil that fuels the pride of shallow minds. I can name only one blogger who has kept a calm  head despite this ridiculous thing called fame. Other than that, I have noticed how a few bloggers feel the need and urge to trash an upcoming artist’s career. I shake my head in  disappointment. That is what critics are made for. I don’t think any thing stops you from giving constructive criticism to a young lad who refused to face his books and decided to become an entertainer. Apply senses to how  you treat people. Trashing a person’s career does not equal to being honest. Honesty is a gift many of you do not know how to handle. They may end up becoming your masters at the end of the day.

If you focused more on your websites, you would find yourself  in a  position you never thought you would be in. I don’t see the competition you beat your chests over. Oh! Pardon me, it must be for the money.

It is always an honor serving my country.



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