It’s a legendary affair; ModeNine wants you to dump down on your sugar as he serves up this “Insulin.” He reunited with long term collaborator, DJ Jimmy Jatt, on this track off his forthcoming album; as depicted in the video, ModeNine the Polymath, serves a friendly reminder on why he’s the best lyricist around here and he was heralded by Cool DJ Jimmy Jatt – the visual was directed by XYZ. | ENJOY!!!

They think they got me with my back to the floor
But it’s a guard position, and you ain’t ready for war
Ain’t ready for blunt force trauma hammer blows to your jaw
Guillotine choke you out just to uneven the score… …tap…
Your girl looking like she would like a bang
I max hardcore the hoochie and pass her to a biker gang
Ground game Gracie but Nine is a striker fam
Suarez the type of man nutmeg the ref too
Messi penalty pass I’m straight disrespectful
F you
You go wound o Abou Diaby
I gotta Jamaican homie short fuse DonT diss the yardie or he will catch a body
Twitter warriors keep typing
I look for who they hyping and roundhouse em
Watch him slump hit the floor Dada 5000
Ya mix-tape garbage I gave it a light browsing and gasoline dousing no pun intended it lit
Now you throw a fit ranting on the net you tit
My volatile exploding spit will blow you to bits
Nobody cares about disposable hits
I rose from the pits to go at you twits
I do not beef with memes Photoshop pics for trips
Sue me – I’m lawyered up like Ricky Tarfa
King Mode there’s none after
But my Newcastle was full of haters so I had to Bounce like Ben Arfa
You cannot manipulate the zen master more hardcore than Newjack and Mustapha
You new staffers not board members you getting branded branding iron still heating deep inside the coal ember
Unfriending all your defenders my ego’s gargantuan
I wish u get trapped in a pit full of tarantula’s
Lol ain’t nothing funny DonT fams or mention us
Cos you about as fake as the letter of Lentulus