YOM KIPPUR (Day Of Atonement) …writt’n by Ace Nobis

Yom Kippur ...writt'n by Ace Nobis Artwork | AceWorldTeam.com

In this world, there are mysteries and deep truths – activating the clause, any of these could be difference between continuous prosperity and being on the same level – I guess that’s the reason why El’Shaddai says: “…the children of darkness are wiser than the children of light.’”

In the Jewish calendar, there are some customary dates set apart when Moadim [Hebrew word – appointed time of maximum blessings] occurs, which are 3 specific times in the normal calendar year during the Shmitar [*8 days of the 4 blood moon] where God leaves his throne and shows up himself in his full glory to answer the prayers of his children. Apart from these times, all through the year, when we ask anything of Him, he always sends ministering spirits [Angels] to deliver answers to the prayers of the saints proceeding Teshuvah [Repentance]. Erroneously, in this part of the world [Nigeria], the wise ones attempt to invoke the blessings of Moadim at the beginning of a New Year calendar, the middle and as the year draws close to an inevitable end – it’s not entirely far from the 3 dates similar to those in the Jewish calendar, but it is ideal to walk the path of the prescribed order.

Yom Kippur was detailed in Leviticus 16; occurring on the 10th day in month Teshrei, it entails a particular time of the year when the sins of the Israelites are atoned for, through the transference unto a goat, hence the blameless goat becomes the exchange point of all the sins of the previous year and the Israelites are cleansed [thus the term “scapegoat” – it’s astonishing that the word came from the Bible] while the goat is driven out of the temple into the wilderness  under the watchful presence of God. The rites are carried out by the High Priest and the Israelites fully enjoy another year of righteousness consciousness by which no sin committed afterwards is recorded on their account until the next Yom Kippur, coupled with another year of blessings programmed and released by Jehovah after the rituals is done. Deuteronomy 16:16-17 emphasizes that during this time of the year, we are not supposed to come to God empty handed as feast of the tabernacles mentioned in Verse 16 is known as Yom Kippur, which is a time of Moadim therefore God wants us to bring forth our substance where he can pour upon His spirit [give unto me; I will return to you].

Which blessings pertain to Yom Kippur?

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* Double Portion
* Financial Abundance
* Restoration
* Atonement for sins
* Miracles
* God’s divine presence
* Deliverance.

How to Participate?

It requires a 24-hour fasting and praying; bathing is done prior to the fasting and after you are done, and not in between. Since we have no goat to present or offer to God through a High Priest which is no more Moses but Jesus, it’s best done in monetary terms; no matter the amount you have at hand [even it be a token], the main thing is to participate – at the end of breaking the fast, lift the money in your hands giving thanks to God for all the blessings before now and be specific about the purpose of the seed in your hands asking him to let the blessings of Moadim be accrued to you. Take the money, set it in a white envelope and drop it on the altar at your local assembly where you worship.

It’s important you drop it on the altar.

Good thing is October 5th is on a Sunday.

Why Did I Share This Piece?

It’s amazing how we do not know these things; imagine if as Christians, we never participate in one of the important dates on the Jewish calendar [which our Father in Heaven was a Jew]; little or no wonder we never really attain the zenith of all the things we lay our hands on or set out to achieve.

Leviticus 23:27: On the 10th day of this 7th month, there shall be a day of atonement.

Verse 31: It shall be a statute [law] forever throughout your generations in all your dwellings.

Since the Israelites were the descendants of Abraham and still participate in this rite till date, how come we do not partake in it after all, do we not also belong to Abraham’s lineage and his seed which are heirs according to the promise?

The amazing thing about this year is that “the blessings of this particular Yom Kippur will remain until the coming of Christ.”

The date for this year’s Yom Kippur is Saturday, October 4th 2014.


* Number 8 in the spiritual realm means “Maximum Blessing

May we be blessed as we participate

Writt’n by: Ace Nobis