RooTopCrew – GREEN WHITE GREEN (Mixtape)

RooTopCrew - GREEN WHITE GREEN [Mixtape] Artwork |

The “Green White Green” mix-tape from the RoofTopCrew is the 2nd mix-tape being released by the crew after the “#DLDHW” mix-tape by Archiles dropped back in the month of May. The #GWGmixtape was put together by Cea$ar a.k.a $py and Archiles [both based in Nigeria], alongside Giorgie McCoy [based in South Africa]. The mix-tape entails thrilling songs like “The Watcher“, “Home Town“, “BLAM“, “RTCOC” and “Versace“, just to mention a few, showcasing a couple of talented emcees, cutting through the streets of Lagos. The RoofTopCrew Music Group [RTCMG] intends to return the essence of Hip-Hop to the streets of Nigeria, cutting across Africa as a whole. Currently, the crew has emcees still working on their solo mix-tapes [Cea$ar with the “Trap Diaries” mix-tape ‘#TDmixtape’, and Giorgie McCoy with the “Craving For Riches” mix-tape ‘#CFRmixtape’] with their newest member by the name, Justified, who had a few bars on the mix-tape as well. Production credits goes to Dah Bee, alongside a few cover songs; the RoofTopCrew has been likened to other talented music camps like Taylor Gang, TDE, Slaughter House and others. Listen up to the 17-track mix-tape and share your thoughts. | ENJOY!!!


  1. 1. Archiles & Cea$ar – MY COUNTRY [Mixed/Mastered by Dah Bee]
  2. 2. Giorgie McCoy – TEAM WORK
  3. 3. Cea$ar ft. Archiles – THE WATCHER 3.0 [a Jay Z cover]
  4. 4. Justified ft. Archiles – FOUR HORSE MEN [an M.I cover]
  5. 5. Cea$ar & Archiles ft. Slim Kiss – MANEUVER [prod. by Dah Bee]
  6. 6. Cea$ar ft. Archiles – TRAP DIARIES [Mixed/Mastered by Dah Bee]
  7. 7. Archiles ft. Justified – HOME TOWN [Mixed/Mastered by Dah Bee]
  8. 8. Archiles – OMO BAALE [a Rick Ross cover]
  9. 9. Giorgie McCoy – FEW SECONDS
  10. 10. Cea$er & Archiles ft. The Chemist – RTCOC [prod. by Dah Bee]
  11. 11. Cea$er & Archiles – DEAD PRESIDENTS [a Jay Z cover]
  12. 12. Cea$er & Archiles ft. Sasha Sleek – BARS [prod. by Dah Bee]
  13. 13. Giorgie McCoy – BLAM [Busy Looking At Me]
  14. 14. MoMaze – THE ACE
  15. 15. Archiles & Cea$er ft. The Chemist & Persey – CYPHER 1.0 [a Kendrick Lamar cover]
  16. 16. Giorgie McCoy, Cea$er & Archiles – MONEY TRAIN [Mixed/Mastered by Dah Bee]
  17. 17. Justified, Cea$er & Archiles – VERSACE [a Drake cover]

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