One Pound” is the 2nd studio mix-tape from Nigerian rising star, Ceasar [commonly spelt, Cea$ar ~ real name – Adewale Okekunle]; he originates from Ogun stateCeasar, the 24 year old rapper is also Captain and Co-Founder of the RoofTopCrew, Nigeria – a fast-growing Rap crew that started making records in 2012. Following the warm reception of his 1st mix-tape, “Trap Diaries [#TDmixtape],” which was released in January 2014 and had well over 8,000 hits in streaming and download counts, Ceasar is back on the music scene with his “One Pound” mix-tape, which entails Hardcore Hip-Hop, as well as Social Conscious Rap; the fusion of Ceasar‘s choice instrumentals with his lyrics in one word – delightful.

One can truly say Ceasar is on the Rap scene to stay; he has the potential to become internationally recognized because of his genuine style, perfectly embodied in this new work of art. | ENJOY!!!


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