OGA AT THE TOP: The Fuzz …written by Ace Nobis

Oga At The Top...The Fuzz Artwork | AceWorldTeam.com

Oga At The Top...The Fuzz Artwork | AceWorldTeam.com

I write this with the gustatory sensation of the heart, as after this incident I really do now understand that most Nigerians are yet to come to terms with the definition of “true patriotism“.

A patriot is a proud supporter or defender of his/her country and it’s ways – good, bad or ugly.

It also brings about the unification of individuals but it looks as though it’s only when we are playing a soccer match as a nation, that’s when we portray both a unified and undivided spirit and it’s not supposed to be that way. All around the country, we have issues of inter-ethnicity both with tribes and in religion and it’s only when we play as a football nation, that’s when we seem to set these differences aside and even all religions are then unified.

What’s the fuzz about “My Oga At Top?”.

A high ranking NSCDC official came on Channels Television, made some statements not worthy of someone in his position and hierarchy, and come the next day, every Tom, Dick, Harry, James, Moshood, Jude, Henry, Sheyi, Smith and Nani are making fun of him. Yes, it was hilarious but can’t we just let sleeping dogs lie? Some have already printed and started wearing T-shirts exhibiting “My Oga @ The Top”, some artistes have made tracks about it, DJ’s are making mixes and everyone on the social media is having a go. When did we get to this level, when did we all forsake ourselves? Nigeria is a country with an assembly of highly intellectual individuals with high ambitions coupled with a formidable win-win attitude. The brunt of my displeasure is not with the NSCDC official, rather it’s with the people who are making a statement and writing posts with videos on youth-centric websites with the event created. We are supposed to be protective of our country and not to belittle it with posts and videos on Youtube. No matter what happened, we are supposed to contain it and not leak it because the whole world is watching; it’s the internet remember, and we are not the only country taking advantage of this fabulous piece of technology! Put into writing, “my oga at the top” on Google’s search engine and it goes wild on the first page; we don’t even know how far this has traveled  If you are affiliated to a parent or relative within the Armed Forces, and I’m not talking para-military here, they understand that every country’s survival is all about intelligence and espionage. Every country running Intel knows that you do not take with levity a viral video. All countries are keeping tabs on us and all we do; that’s why when we have a disaster or conflict over here, before you say rock, paper, scissors, it’s already on CNN. To make it worse, Channels TV is also available on DStv, so we just can’t tell how many viewers around the world saw this. Then you go to the Embassy tomorrow and visa is denied and yet you wonder why? Unlike we [Nigerians], the white folks are thorough people sieving and analysing every bit of available info and they know that for a leader such as the NSCDC official to have been the person to moderate on behalf of them over a discussion on a programme via National TV with live audience, then it means he’s the best personnel they have. So then would it be wrong if they adjudged that the youths and the young adults in our country cannot be in any way different from the leaders presiding over them.

Finally, the NSCDC official in question already has a career ahead of him and would definitely get promoted in due course of time, though he may have made several blunders on live TV, but at least all praises went to his boss which is what I noticed and that’s remarkable because that signifies “loyalty”, a trait which even most Nigerians jesting at him lack these days.

In the end; his faults takes a toll on us and our future as heads of industries and we are still laughing at a joke and tweeting, instead of reflecting on the damage already done and be sober because of the times ahead.

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  1. It is unlike nigerians to let sleeping dogs lie and it also not like nigerians to put stuff in their minds for too long. With time, it will all come to pass. 9c angle by the way. Keep up the pace.

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