Kelly Hansome – AFRICA UNITE [prod. by Dr. Roy]


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One of the most talented and talked about entertainment personalities in Africa is back at it with “Africa Unite“. Africa is blessed with gold, silver, diamonds, oil, rubber, and many other natural resources to sustain ourselves. Unfortunately, disputes are natural in times of growth; while Kelly Hansome recognizes this, he feels there is no better way to celebrate his birthday than by penning down this musical masterpiece. “Africa Unite” is dedicated to the unification of all Africans and the illumination of the beauty and significance of the African race in the international community. “Africa Unite” is also dedicated to the Organization of African Unity and all NGOs who believe in Africa and have a soft spot for the betterment of the African people.

Kelly Hansome has been actively dedicated to helping those less fortunate by being an advocate for education through donation of mini-scholarships, cloths, and food all over Africa especially Nigeria. “Africa Unite” is in line with his WE BUILT AMERICA Initiative. Through this initiative he reminds the world that as a result of the slave trade in which Africans were the largest victims, they were and still are instrumental to the growth and success of every continent in the world especially the United States of America; a superpower today. This initiative has already gained acceptance by 3 Ivy League Universities in America, who in no time, will host the WE BUILT AMERICA Lecture Series. These Universities were once attended by many past US presidents and sitting US President Barack Obama, who hails from Kenya.

As we all wish Kelly Hansome happy birthday today, let us reflect and remember the over 9 million refugees and internally displaced people; as well as those who have died fighting for Africa. Let us never forget that; UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. “Africa Unite“, is written and performed by Kelly Hansome, produced by Kelly Hansome and Dr. Roy for Uglybeatz. | ENJOY!!!

DOWNLOAD ~ Kelly Hansome – AFRICA UNITE [prod. by Dr. Roy]

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