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First Of All, we’d love to officially welcome everyone to the New Year; yup – World™ says:


Anyways, this here is DJ Sean, and on behalf of the ♠World™ Team, I’d love to apologize for the recent hiatus which we’ve been on; this was necessary as new reforms and policy changes were being effected. Good news is we’re set to take you guys on a joyful ride; yup, the year 2013 sure is looking great already, and in that regard, I’d say, all previously sent in Press Release kits would be duly tended to and published as long as it’s good-to-go. The hiatus however might have us coming back in a rather “more” critical way, which means if your Press Release kit isn’t up to good standards, then ♠World™ would not be publishing the material. With that notion, I believe we can all look forward to enjoying good/great music here on ♠World™ and of course, our songs remain untagged [so if you’re a DJ likewise, or a song lover who doesn’t want tagged songs, look no further as ♠World™ serves you the best and perfectly labelled songs].

So, that’s that as regards the ♠World™ blog, but hey there’s more…

Do not forget that the ♠World™ team offers a fully functional promotional platform for artistes on the rise at affordable packages. No bragging rights here, but in under 1 year of operation, the ♠World™ Team has been able to enforce good publicity for artistes who understand what it takes to have their song spread across various top blogs, online magazines, online radios [constant airplay guaranteed] and of course, one of our little secrets, DJ Record-pools. With time, artistes who have embarked on our publicity packages have enjoyed quite a number of services offered by the ♠World™ Team. Anyways, all you’ve got to do is contact the ♠World™ Team via DJ Sean [hit him up on Twitter via @DJaySEAN, or place that phone call through on +234 (815) 439 8995]. Please note that we might have a number of people working closely with the ♠World™ Team, the only person to be contacted at the moment as regards publicity is no one other than DJ Sean.

Please be duly informed that the ♠World™ Team does not charge in any way to have your Press Release kit published on the blog, the only time the ♠World™ Team charges you of course is when you decide to make use of the Publicity packages [very affordable 😀 ].

Oh yes, just before I forget to include this piece of info, the ♠World™ Team now offers a featured slideshow advertisement and side-banner advertisement opportunity; this has been put into effect due to hundreds of thousands of views which we have accrued in barely 10 months of full-time operation. Our statistics are genuine in all ways; we do not hustle up SEO rankings, neither do we buy Facebook Likes, or Twitter followers. We have worked hard to attain the height we have reached, and as such would not relent in offering well-organised services, as our Alexa Global Rankings and of course the Local [Nigeria] rankings have increased exponentially over the months of operation. We do not need to include pictures as proof [as we’ve seen some people cut, copy and paste geographic rankings from other sources], all you’ve got to do is hit up the Alexa website [ http://www.alexa.com ], enter the ♠World™ URL [ https://aceworldteam.com ] and see the results for yourself. We oblige you to make reviews and drop comments if you see what you like on there.

Now, e be like say I don de yarn too much…

Without further ado, I’d add this last piece – stay tuned to the Article section as we’d be engaging new writers very soon; not forgetting the likes of “Poison Pen”, “Ufy’s Diary”, “Tha Preacha’s Melangé”, our anonymous “Vendetta”, and so much more. Just stay tuned.

Finally, contact the ♠World™ using any of the medium below:

Website – https://aceworldteam.com

Twitter – @DJaySEAN ___ @AceWorldTEAM

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/aceworldteam

E-mail: info@aceworldteam.com

Phone Number: +234 (815) 439 8995


♠World™ Salutes!!!


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