The Ridicule Artistes Call “REMIX”


Beloved Nigeria, I, Vendetta, your humble critic greets you in peace. It is yet so unfortunate that my ears bleed to the downfall of your music industry. Gone are your days of glory, I must say in all exaggeration. I beseech you to hear the humble voice of a curious listener. Curiosity, they say, kills the cat. But what the shooter doesn’t realize is that murdering the cat, gives way for the victim to escape his cage.  I complain yet again. And I shall continue complaining till drastic measures are taken; hence this letter I post on AceWorldTeam, a platform given to me by Dj Sean.

Oh ye artists of doom! You keep barricading the way to success for real talented artistes to “blow“. A blogger receives enough of good materials, but in his anticipation for “exclusives“, would overlook all upcoming acts, to post, what I’d like to call, heresies. I believe when one does a remix, it should be better than the original. A remix should have better lyrics, and if possible, the beat should be adjusted. After listening to the remix of “Dami Duro” by DavidO and Akon, I concluded that the end was near. It is a common thing for “major” artistes to think that featuring an international act will make their music sound better. Let me be the one to discourage you. Featuring an international act only brings hype. Hype is never the height of success. It is the road to success as well as the road to ridicule. Nigeria is indeed a country where even the deaf and dumb want to make music. What a pity.

Dami Duro Remix” isn’t the only failed remix I have heard so far. “Kukere” is a song I love to listen to. I can remember when the remix of “Kukere” by Iyanya and D’banj was set to come out, social media went ballistic. I was anticipating it in all honesty of heart, but I was disappointed when I heard the likes of Tosin Martins, Remi Martins, Obafemi Martins. It was as if the name Martins was that of the, yet to be born, Nigeria’s Messiah. I am not at fault to think  that most of you “major” artistes do not feel the need to cross check your lyrical content before releasing a new song. “E go still sell” is what you think. Well…you are not to blame. Shallow minds that accept songs as such, crying “Na jam song be that“, are to be blamed. Oh! Pardon me. The French man does say: “des gouts et des couleurs, on ne discute pas“.

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Lest I forget to mention, music isn’t meant for everyone. Nigeria is a country that accepts everything and wonders why bad things continue to befall her. With artistes in the industry such as Tonto Dikeh, Vic O and Speed Darlington, we can agree that downfall is a just a feet away. Well, they do say that there is always room for improvement. Let us see how this few months turn out for the music industry.

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It is  always an honor serving my country.



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