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Awakening Movie Trailer |

This right here is the first official trailer for the AWAKENING, a film directed by  JAMES OMOKWE and ETHAN OKWARA, produced by THERESA ANANENU and starring OC UKEJE, KEHINDE BANKOLE, BRYAN OKWARA, FEMI BRAINARD and ADEWALE AROLOYE.

When the contents of a box kept for centuries is opened, a series of events begin to unfold. Nicholas, a young advertising agent suddenly begins to have dreams that eventually become premonitions of death. In a bid to unravel the mystery he meets an ambitious journalist whose thirst for adventure leads them on a path to an unimaginable past and their futures are inextricably changed forever when they uncover the truth about a curse and the existence of an immortal tribe.Awakening Movie Trailer 2 |

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The movie is due out in NOVEMBER 2012. | ENJOY!!!

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