[#ACE_ FRESH] Big Spanx – YEPAPAYE + I’M LOVING IT [Ofu Ara] ft. Phyno ‘n’ Slow Dog


Big Spanx ft. Phyno & Slow Dog - I'm Loving It [Ofu Ara] | AceWorldTeam.com

Phyno” is back again, but this time with Coal-City‘s finest rappersBig Spanx” and “Slow Dog“; “Phyno” delivered an amazing verse and the hook, with “Big Spanx” and “Slow Dog” also dropping their own rap verse and the song’s titled “I’m Loving It [Ofu Ara]“.

Big Spanx ft. Phyno & Slow Dog – I’m Loving It [Ofu Ara]

Big Spanx” also releases a solo single of his and titles it “Yepapaye“, which happens to be a dance track. Listen below. | ENJOY!!!

Big Spanx – Yepapaye