LECHEROUS JOURNAL: Episode 16 …script’d by BigDan

Lecherous Journal Artwork ...by BigDan | AceWorldTeam.com

Lecherous Journal Artwork ...by BigDan | AceWorldTeam.com


Remembering Cobb‘s words in the movie, “Inception“;

“An idea is like a virus, resilient, highly contagious.
And the smallest seed of an idea can grow.
It can grow to define, or destroy you.”


The idea of falling in love and being loved had been a virus, long breeding in my white blood cells; it had grown so big in me, it had started to destroy me – yet define me. For me, there are myriads of challenges which appear to be dampening to the love union of both gender. I know my heart is clamoring for love, but what my mind keeps saying is: “let the best woman win it.” The idea that ‘we all need love‘ is the brain-child of the ‘evil and hatred‘ brought upon us by our own dark side; a lot more of us have seen ‘love‘, not as a necessity to existence but as an item to stay in vogue, and with that said, ‘Like‘ had been either confused, or disregarded for ‘Love‘. A greater percentage of the masculine gender [using the Nigerian youth as an example] who had just set eyes or encountered his feminine specie – appealing and attractive, would share the news with his friend in this format:

Oh boy, if you see this babe wey I just meet ehn, she complete die – big bobby [breast], big nyansh [a**], she curve wella for side [ripe hips], the babe come fine die. Mehn, I don LOVE the girl ooo.

Notice the use of the word, “Love” in the context?

Where am I driving at?

Love has become a mere word of appreciation to the eyes than dedication to the heart; we tend to fall in “Love” with everything we “Like“, thereby denying our heart the privilege of sincerity. On the long run, our heart relates the concoction of different feelings we have incurred as “Love” to our mind and the end result is a dilemma of feeling. Personally, I’ve always had this inclination towards ladies – my persona does the magic of attracting them, and the extra speciality that the master creator had put into finishing the feminine art is sure the spell cast upon me that gets me attracted to them, but it’s much more than bare unexplainable likeness, infatuation or desire, it’s the hunt for knowledge and that had been my thriving force, yet the dark power that tends to overshadow my light. For had I not once referred to a couple of existing “Wise Quotes & Sayings” as incomplete? Had I not said that a greater percentage of them should be started with “sometimes“? For only “sometimes“, does “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” And most times?

Resurrecting to face the object of your death, brings forth the height and depth of your true strength.” – BigDan

Like undertakers, articulated choice of expense-influenced love, ferry people to their early graves and yet destroys their most priced, rather priceless organ – The Heart. Still, their importance to our futuristic plans appears indispensable. I strongly believe we all fall in love for at least, a reason; logically, you don’t just wake up one morning and randomly select who to love. NO! Also, the caption: “love at first sight“, which is the most used excuse to avoid admitting to a reason for love is “attraction” defined. So what happens when those reasons vanish? Does the love die?

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Here’s my evaluation:
It’s totally dumb when the reply you get from a loved one when you ask them why they love you is – “I Just love you, I don’t know why, I have no reason. It’s natural.” I normally ignore the answers I get, give a shrewd smile and move on to the next topic.

…and on to the next

The moment you start declining from the hidden reasons they got attracted or attached to you from the initial, they start questioning their love for you – the fulcrum becomes loose, the balance becomes unstable and equilibrium tends to shift into a disguise; a camouflage of the ancient unworthy tax collectors’ Libra scale. Despite winning the hearts of all, innocently – LOVE; a scion of Invention, seed of Poverty, yet a slave to Cupid, is just another element we’ll fight till eternity for, just like the world needs eternal peace in a world full of hatred. Let it be known that whoever loses connection with his origin would wander in the wilderness; therefore if your heart-issues loses it’s connection with your mind, you’ll sure be found wandering in a vacuum of emptiness, a maze in which you had been it’s sole architect. You had designed it to your exquisite taste, an idealism of your reality, only fault is – it’s all bogus, totally fake, doesn’t exist – it’s all a “LIMBO“, or worse-case scenario, you get entangled in a series of continuous events like in the IZANAMI.

Be CAUTIOUS for the reasons you LIKE, be KNOWLEDGEABLE for the reasons you LOVE – Furthermore, be POWERFUL, for that’s the reason you LIVE.” – BigDan


I saved the file I had just written, closed my memo-pad I had been writing on, gulped the last of the red wine in the flute, picked myself up from the chair and staggered a little forward till I regained my stamina and composure; it’s been a long day – Tolu awaits me upstairs in the hotel room. Thoughts of her in that see-through skimpy gown filled my brain, my penis nodded in reply like it had been listening to the thoughts in my mind – I felt it bulge and I smiled.

“Red wine is good for the heart they say, they also forgot it’s good for the veins of the bigger man between a man’s thigh.”

I raked the change I had received from the waitress earlier into my pocket along with my phone as I raised my ‘peace‘ fingers to my fore-head and saluted the bar-man just as I found my way around to the stairs that connected the floor I was on to the skies I’ll be later on – my d**k bulged again.


What doesn’t kill you today, would come back to kill you tomorrow, unless you kill it.” – BigDan


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