RATED 18+ ~ Lejaroy – F**K ALL NIGHT [a Rick Ross/Drake/Wale cover]


Kevrey Entertainment‘s very own C.E.O, Lejaroy is back with his 2nd single off his “Twenty13 Noise-Tape” which he promises to be big; he has not disappointed us with the first single which was “Azonto Fever“, a cover of Chuddy K‘s “Gaga Crazy“, which created some buzz. He also hooked up with Yung Hanz and made a perfect delivery on “Owo Lo“; now he is back on the “Diced Pineapple” instrumental originally done by Rick Ross and featuring Drake and Wale. He delivered good lyrics on the song and played with words on his version titled “F**k All Night“; this song is rated 18+ as the lyrics are explicit and contain raw form of words. | ENJOY!!!

DOWNLOAD ~ Lejaroy – F**K ALL NIGHT [a Rick Ross/Drake/Wale cover]