If when you hear of some relatively known musical act with some stereotype-based genre, then think again. Adé Wave is highly skilled, versatile and quite dynamic in his context, and his music is refreshing to state the least of a sound that is really fulgurous and spectacular with his Afrobeat rendition practically at par with some of the industry’s greats. When asked why he trades within the Afrobeats genre, Adé Wave says, “he’s out to deliver passionate sounds as a music lover.” Formerly known as Chuckie, he believes his path towards music yearns beyond the fame and even though he’d previously been on a long break, his passion brings him back and he plans on sticking around even more. He has had a clothing brand and it doesn’t hold back his musical campaign which currently spans close to a decade. In 2014, Adé Wave was featured on quite a number of A-ranking musical platforms with the release of his Quebeat-produced number, “Carry,” only a year after his widely-accepted “Price 2 Pay” mixtape was put out. Adé Wave has also featured a few notable name on the music scene and the year 2021 sees him break out new grounds with “Pray,” a song which sets him back on the path of his first love, Music.

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