Since his emergence on the Afrobeats scene, Skiibii has meticulously mastered the art of making hit tunes, carving a niche for himself in the process; the curious thing about a Skiibii song is the power it has to connect directly with your body, whether it’s in the sway of your neck or the shuffle in your feet, one thing is certain – as soon as a Skiibii‘s song comes on, you will move – that is just how stars do.

In addition to beautifully-crafted music, the ultra-fresh superstar has an intimate understanding of the role tasteful music videos play in complimenting sound and elevating the entire sonic experience; with this in mind, Mr. Mayanna has teamed up with the industry staple, AJE Filmworks, to put out a video for his instant hit, “Are You Vhere?” With crisp threads, gorgeous color schemes, beautiful people and bopping heads, there is only one thing left to ask when this video premieres – watch and share your thoughts. | ENJOY!!!